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About The American Freight Companies


trucking company

An Avxa Inc Companies

515 MLK Avenue South

Clearwater, Florida 33756



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Dear Shipper,

If this is the first time you have used our services, we would like to share our history and mission with you.

The American Freight Company is a nationwide provider of shipping, trucking and freight services for commercial and residential shippers. All freight is transported by licensed US freight companies. Using the services of more than 80 carriers, we offer services for all types and sizes of freight.

Annually we arrange transportation for thousands of shippers. Representing millions of dollars in freight volume gives us the ability to offer our customers services, rates and discounts they are not able to obtain on their own.

Our customers include residential and commercial shippers of every type and size. They include individuals who are shipping freight for the first time, ebay shippers, internet based business, large corporations and small companies. We also arrange freight for collages, city, state and federal agencies.

All request for freight quotes are welcome. We have no restriction on size, location or destination. As a first time shipper or a high volume shipper, you will find our agents knowledgeable and helpful. If you are a first time shipper, our agents will assist you by answering your questions and help you with processing your paperwork.

Company History:

The American freight company a history of more than 12 years of shipping and freight. Arranging heavy freight for nationwide delivery began in 1995. In 1999 we established an internet based means of booking freight. In 2002 we reorganized and became a dedicated freight logistics service under the ownership of Avxa Inc.

Our Mission Statement:

"Providing innovative ways to server you and handle all of your freight needs"

Nationwide Service Center:

The American Freight Companies

An Avxa Inc Company

515 MLK Avenue South

Clearwater, Florida 33756

Tel: 727-450-7800

Fax: 727-450-7808

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When to Freight & "Why Use American Freight"

Our History Contact American Freight Mission Statement Testimonials News Releases Print Documents


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Excerpts From The Washington Post Newspaper

Shipping News: Getting Furniture and Other Big Things From Here to There

By Laura Fisher Kaiser
Special to The Washington Post
Thursday, January 29, 2004

You always coveted Aunt Zelda's antique chaise longue with the gilded swan motif, and now she wants you to have it. All you have to do is figure out how to get it to your house from hers -- some 800 miles away.

No problem: That chaise is just a few mouse-clicks away from being yours.

Excerpts from this article...

Transporting a large, heavy, bulky object long distance used to be more trouble than it was worth. Your choices were pretty much limited to: finding a moving company with room on its truck -- a time-consuming and costly process; schlepping it yourself in a rental trailer or hiring someone to make the drive for you (and hoping for the best).

But partly in response to baby boomers reaching heirloom-inheritance age and partly due to long-distance buying and selling on eBay and other Internet sites, a few firms have cropped up to make the task faster, more efficient and, if not always cheaper, less stressful.

Depending on the size of the goods and how far they have to travel, they will likely be part of an LTL (less than truckload) shipment, changing trucks and sometimes carriers at various hubs around the country.

FedEx and UPS have expanded their services to include small freight. FedEx Freight, which seems geared primarily to business-to-business shippers, allows online setup and tracking of shipments that weigh more than 150 pounds.

Some logistics companies aim to bring efficiency and transparency to a fragmented market, where pricing can be complex. Even though posting rates has not driven prices down, according to industry experts, not all carriers want their rates made public. For this reason, other online brokers such as American Freight Co., which operates under a couple of Web addresses (www.FreightCenter.com and www.EZFreightrates.com), might e-mail you a lowball rate -- with extensive disclaimers -- but you must speak to an agent to confirm it.

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Our History Contact American Freight Mission Statement Testimonials News Releases Print Documents

Internet Web Site Owners & Business

If your business has a web site and you ship freight to your customers, American Freight Companies can help increase your sales, reduce your shipping cost and reduce your labor.

Simply place our logo on your web site and suggest your customers use our services. We will provide quotes directly to the customer, handle all arrangements, take care of all paper work and bill the customer for the freight.

We also offer a 5% referral fee that will be sent to you at the end of each quarter.

Contoso Accountants

Freight, Shipping Trucking Services for Everyone

The American Freight Company handles freight & shipping services for all shippers. One time residential shippers shipping eBay items, small companies, large corporations, State Governments and the United States of America Federal Government.

We handle the DOD (Department of Defense) government trucking contracts through the MTMC and GSA offices. Because we have to have the most competitive rates in the U. S. we have been extremely successful. We are now offering these low and competitive rates to the public.


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Our History Contact American Freight Mission Statement Testimonials News Releases Print Documents

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Toll Free Help 727-450-7800

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