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An Economical, Environmentally-Friendly Choice

Intermodal shipping is a valuable option that very often can offer more inexpensive solutions than shipping only by truck. offers the best balance of budget-friendly prices, seasoned account managers, trusted carrier options, and leading technology and tracking when arranging intermodal transport. You also receive more equipment and specific transport options and even reduce your environmental impact by choosing intermodal. When shipping freight long distances of 1000+ miles along particular lanes, intermodal transportation offers the most powerful combination of services and price. Get started on your free quote and start saving money today!

When choosing intermodal transportation, you are using an economical balance of train and rail to achieve a more cost-effective and efficient solution when moving shipments long distances or between major cities. Intermodal shipping includes both an origin point and final delivery destination and essentially links the two together using a combination of truck and rail services, transforming them into one seamless adaptable freight shipping system.

Intermodal freight shipping allows freight to move further on a gallon of gas than truck barge alone, which makes it an ideal choice to move freight in a more environmentally-sound way. Reduce your impact on the environment and cost to ship while increasing your bottom line by integrating intermodal transport services from Alabama to Colorado, Texas to New York and more. With our low rates and vast amount of trailer, carrier, and rail options available when planning an intermodal shipment, you can leave all the hard work and paperwork to us and still save money. Maximize your potential and growth capabilities by choosing intermodal freight and train freight with FreightCenter.

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