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How to Get Better Business Bureau Accredited and Do Outstanding Work


Over the past year, FreightCenter has worked diligently to raise our Better Business Bureau grade to an A+. This is an accomplishment that means a lot to us as a company and serves as a benchmark for our standard of excellence. 

Kimmie McKinney

Kimberly McKinney, Resolutions Department Supervisor at FreightCenter, is the leader responsible for pioneering the initiative to raise FreightCenter’s BBB grade and become accredited. We sat down to talk with McKinney and get the scoop on how she did it.    

How long did it take to get FreightCenter’s grade to an A+? 

Once we really shifted the focus to improving our grade it took us about 6 months to obtain an A+ letter grade. 

What was FreightCenter’s grade before first contacting them? 

Our letter grade was a D before we shifted our focus to improving our grade. We contacted them when we were at a B-. 

Why was the grade so low? 

Our grade was low due to a several factors. Our information with the BBB was not up to date; therefore, the BBB did not have a clear understanding of the type of company we are or the products and services we provide to our customers.  

What steps were taken to raise FreightCenter’s BBB score and become accredited? 

We obtained an A+ rating by providing better training to our staff, developing a strong customer service team, and listening to the needs of our customers. Responding to every customer grievance and showing due diligence until those grievances were satisfactorily resolved for both parties was essential to raising our score. We found it was also important that the BBB had updated information regarding our company, including the number of employees and the number of customers served. These factors combined are assessed by the Better Business Bureau and can factor into the letter grade rating that is received.  

What are the benefits of being BBB accredited?

There are many benefits a company can gain by becoming accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Upon becoming accredited, the BBB provides the opportunity to link to your website directly from their own website. BBB reviews are already search engine-optimized, which ensures that your company achieves better SERP placement without much work on your end. It has been proven that many potential consumers search specifically for BBB’s Accreditation Seal on a company’s website prior to doing business with them. The BBB allows consumers to do a search of businesses that are accredited in their area, and this can be a reliable source of potential leads for an accredited company. More importantly, it allows customers to know that they are doing business with a company that not only values its customers, but also stands for integrity. 

What’s next now that FreightCenter is BBB certified?

We plan to continue doing what we’re doing: provide excellent training to our staff, grow our Customer Service team and listen closely and receptively to what our customers are asking for. Additionally, getting the news out to our customers that we’re now A+ rated and accredited has been a task in and of itself, so we’re working on finding fun and creative ways to share the news. We know what kind 

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