FreightCenter Extends Workplace Volunteer Program, Motivates Staff

EcommerceIntegration extends workplace volunteer program "Cash for Caring," motivating full- time employees to give back to surrounding communities. Since the program began in December of last year, employees have served more than 80 community service hours.

"Cash for Caring" is a corporate-funded program that encourages staff members to volunteer with local non-profit organizations. The program is in its second month, but already the success has influenced the executive team to consider extending the program year-round.

Employee participation is at 20-percent of FreightCenter's more than 80 workers. Volunteers are paid $12 per hour. FreightCenter has paid out more than $900 to participants since its program began.

"Paying employees to volunteer helps out the community and helps employees find the free time to serve their community," says Matt Brosious, chief executive officer.

Recently the company received an acknowledgment letter from Senator Mike Fasano (R), recognizing FreightCenter employees as "exemplary citizens" for their participation in the workplace program. Participants aid long-standing charities like the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Suncoast SPCA, Feeding America Tampa Bay, Youth and Family Alternatives in West Pasco and Toys for Tots West Pasco.

FreightCenter is always looking for more volunteer opportunities in Trinity and the adjacent Tampa Bay area. Interested organizations should contact FreightCenter’s Marketing Coordinator Terese Kerrigan at 727-450-7835.