Innovative Technology Wins FreightCenter an Award


FreightCenter, a logistics and shipping company, headquartered in the Tampa Bay area, implemented several innovative technology initiatives in 2010, winning the company an award as one of the 50 Companies to Watch in 2011. Technology initiatives include application programming interface (API) development and website optimization.

According to Doug Walls, chief information officer, the technology enabled the company to offer an edge over its competition.

"We've enhanced our rating system accuracy, making it the most advanced system available for obtaining accurate freight prices and scheduling those shipments," Walls says. "With these enhancements, we are able to help countless companies decrease shopping cart abandonment rates and increase online conversions by giving savvy online consumers more tools to complete their purchases."

Walls says other logistics and shipping companies have similar technology but they do not offer as much as FreightCenter does.

"Other companies use technology platforms that perform part of what our system can do, but Freightcenter is the first to offer a platform, which is all inclusive of the services, which others would have to piece together from multiple systems," Walls says. "Our technology and processes are all developed with in-house staff, which gives us a tremendous advantage in being able to mold and customize our applications in order to best suit the needs of our customers."

"After implementing these tools, our revenue grew from $12.3 million in 2009 to over $19 million in 2010," says company Representative Sylvia Pankiewicz. "The tools we create help to set standards of quality for the industry, and proceed to separate us from our competition, turning us into a continued industry leader for years to come."