FreightCenter Partners with United Way to Send 350 Gallons of Water

Water Bottles Shipped to Flint Michigan During Water Crisis

The 3PL covered freight shipping costs to send bottled water collected by the United Way of Pasco to the Foodbank of Eastern Michigan.

FreightCenter coordinated and paid for the shipment of 100 cases of clean bottled water to the Foodbank of Eastern Michigan. The water will be distributed to Flint residents affected by the water contamination crisis.

“It’s heart wrenching to hear about the 100 thousand plus residents of Flint, Michigan having to depend on bottles of water donated by groups such as the United Way to provide a simple thing, such as clean water to its residents. FreightCenter is doing its part to help aid those families,” says FreightCenter's CEO and President, Matthew Brosious.

 Providing safe clean drinking water is essential for daily life and activities. With the lead and toxin levels in the local water supply, bringing in outside water was a logical solution. Consuming contaminated water with lead can have severe side effects. Newborn and young children are especially at risk. Symptoms from exposure or consumption can include abdominal pain, constipation, nausea, and more. Symptoms will worsen with long term exposure. Ensuring a regular supply of water is provided to the residents is key. There are many groups and organizations coming together to help in this great time of need.