Yeah, We Shipped That! Shipping a DeLorean Replica , Doc?

DeLorean Replica 1981

From the filming of the Back to the Future movies, this notoriously popular plutonium-fueled sports car is a sight for sore eyes for 80s enthusiasts. Luckily with FreightCenter, this iconic vehicle moves around the country without putting any miles on her.

Time traveling may seem cool but doing so in your very own DeLorean time machine is even cooler. When replicas can set a lucky owner back by as much as $48,000 USD, it’s important to remain fixated on every detail of the transportation process. After all, you don’t want to scratch those stylish gull-wing doors.

Auto transportation requires expert attention to detail. FreightCenter can help point you in the right direction by finding a transporter in your area. Let us help you with lightning speed the next time you need to find a transporter. Contact our Truckload Department to speak with an expert about transporting vehicles like this replica DeLorean car.