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Air Freight Shipping

The fastest way to move freight is by air. The best way to get the lowest air freight rates is to book your shipment with FreightCenter.

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The Benefits of Air Freight Shipping

When you’re shipping goods overseas, there are a lot of different options to choose from. And while sea freight shipping is the most popular option, air freight shipping is often the better choice for smaller businesses. Here are some of the benefits of air freight shipping:

  • Quicker: Air cargo moves much more quickly than sea cargo, so your goods will get to their destination much faster.
  • Faster customs clearance: Customs officials are usually much quicker to clear air cargo than sea cargo.
  • Less chance of damage: Unlike sea freight shipments, which can be subject to rough seas and other weather conditions, air cargo is less likely to suffer damage in transit.
  • Smaller shipments accepted: Air carriers generally accept smaller shipments

Sea freight is a cost-effective way to transport large amounts over long distances, but it tends to be incredibly slow. Compounding the already tenebrous timeframe to delivery, the nation is experiencing large numbers of truck drivers quitting, with near-impossible ability to replace them. That means that cargo that comes on boats is less likely to be picked up and transported in a timely manner.

A typical cargo ship can carry around 18,000 containers which means that sea shipping offers great efficiency in comparison with other modes of transportation like trucking or airlifting goods across country borders, but the ports are already congested. Adding more cargo containers will only make things worse. So, while a typical overseas shipment used to take about 30 days, shipments today are taking 60 to 120 days to be received by the purchaser.

Get the Lowest Air Freight Rates Available

We can help you through the complicated air freight process of pricing air freight rates and picking a carrier while also arranging paperwork and the entire international air freight transaction. We will help coordinate your plan from pick up to delivery and stay committed to your air cargo.

Faster transit times, competitive air freight rates pricing, and a vast network of carrier and service choices are a few of the benefits you can expect when selecting us to handle your air shipping needs. We have well-established relationships with air cargo carriers and airlines for all major routes in most countries around the world.

The Fastest International Shipping Option

Whether your global air freight needs to be serviced as expedited, consolidated, deferred, or another customized solution, our trained international freight experts will put together the perfect plan for you. We have the fastest transit times available with our global express air service and can even arrange overnight delivery to certain countries. We excel at finding cost-effective solutions for our customers and getting your global ocean air freight where and when you need it.

The Best Service

Choosing FreightCenter for your global air freight will ensure you receive the best rates and quality customer service. To get started, contact a FreightCenter shipping expert at 800.716.7608.

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