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Canada Border Services Agency

Founded in 2003, The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has been the wall of protection along their country’s borders. Once combined with Canada Customs and Revenue Canada in 2003, the two branches split up and became their areas of the intake of people and shipments. Since then, shipping products to Canada has become a mainstream way to enter and leave.

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

The CBSA has control of what crosses Canada’s border. While CBSA officers monitor all the freight they bring into the country, they are obligated to check all areas of your cargo. Be prepared for possible wait times while going through inspection. Commercial carriers can check border wait times for an easier trip through the CBSA inspection.

Passing Through Canada Border Services Agency

While shipping freight over the border is a long process, there are a few things to have that will speed up the process.

  • Business Number.
  • Identify the freight you want to import.
  • Use a licensed customs broker.
  • Specify the country of origin for the cargo you are delivering.
  • Confirm the commodity shipped is legal in Canada.
  • Determine whether the items you intend to import are subject to special permits, restrictions, or regulations.

Shipping To Canada?

Are you shipping to Canada and need help crossing the CBSA? Many North American freight carriers ship cross-border between the U. S. and Canada. FreightCenter has partnerships with many of these carriers. We are here to help avoid costly delays and returned or seized shipments by the CBSA because they are prohibited from transport to the country.

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Restricted Items in Canada

For restricted items, this means that certain documents must be provided before Canadian customs can release your freight back to its transit. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Proof of a license or certificate, and any required forms.
  • Copyright works, films
  • Currency
  • Dead animals, including wild birds or their parts diamonds (rough)
  • Drugs and other controlled substances
  • Eggs, milk, and other dairy products
  • Fish, game, meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, and their products
  • Intoxicating liquors liquids, liquefiable substances, and powders
  • Live chicks, parasites, leeches, bees, and bees’ wax
  • Medical material, including specimens
  • Plants, seeds, fruits, bark, plant parts, and soil seed
  • Potatoes, onions, and other raw root crops
  • Tobacco, wheat, straw, bran, chaff, barley, and their products

Prohibited Importing to Canada

Altogether, prohibited items are NOT allowed to be imported into Canada. While these items that arrive in customs may not be returned, Canadian customs has the right to seize and destroy them. The following is a list of the banned items that can not import to Canada:

  • Bee-keeping apparatus, used
  • Chain letters and other literature about fraudulent schemes
  • Contraceptive devices, and literature
  • Corrosives, nuclear substances, or oxidizing substances
  • Counterfeit or imitation coins
  • Firearms, weapons, and ammunition
  • Gold bullion, gold dust, or non-manufactured metals
  • Hate propaganda
  • Live animals
  • Manufactured goods bearing insufficient markings or origin
  • Margarine or butter substitutes
  • Metallic labels
  • Obscene, immoral, indecent, or scurrilous matter
  • Poisonous or infectious substances
  • Prison-made goods
  • Unlawful lottery tickets and advertising

We are experts in shipping full truckloads or LTL freight to Canada. Here at FreightCenter, we have solutions for shipping across Canada’s border and within each region.

Covid-19 Canada Border Services Agency shipping Restrictions (the USA to Canada)

Since the pandemic Covid-19, all truckers entering Canada must use ArriveCAN to provide mandatory shipment information, including proof of vaccination of the driver. The information must be submitted 72 hours before arriving in Canada. Although truck drivers are “exempt travelers” and cross the border often, vaccination is still mandatory to enter. Although exempt doesn’t mean they don’t need to be vaccinated, they can create a “reusable receipt.” A reusable receipt in ArriveCAN simplifies the process by saving your information and your vaccination card for easier access through CBSA.

Important things to know for shipping to Canada

  • US funds Inform the customer you are quoting in US funds.
  • Manual Quotes need to be in US funds. Quotes need to include all customs and shipping taxes.
  • Send customer HS code on the USMCA Certificate of Origin
  • The Shipper will hands over the documents & BOL​ to the driver at the pickup point.
  • Although self-clear ​requires a manual quote, the value must be less than $2,500.
  • Whereas carrying in-bond shipments requires a manual quote for freight moving through the US without clearing customs, the carrier must be a Bonded Carrier.

Ship With FreightCenter

FreightCenter offers Canada-USA cross-border full and LTL shipping services between Canada and the US. Whether you’re importing from Canada to the US or US to Canada, we have you covered.

Have any questions? Let FreightCenter help! Our freight agents can ease you into the process to ensure it’s a smooth ride for you and your shipment. Use FreightCenter’s freight shipping quote tool to begin. For other locations, call our international shipping experts at 844-2127447. Saving money doesn’t have to cost more in the long haul: Let FreightCenter be your “one-stop ship.”

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