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What is a Canada Customs Invoice?

A Canada Customs Invoice (CCI) is a mandatory document for U.S. imports and exports to and from Canada. A CCI is necessary for all shipments that are valued over CAD 2,500, are subject to duties and sales tax, or are if they are not classified under HTUSA Chapter 9810. When importing, the CCI pays the seller for the goods. When exporting, the CCI collects payment from the buyer. As long as all necessary information is provided, the CCI can be filled out by the exporter, importer, or their respective agents. In addition, a commercial invoice and a CCI can be used interchangeably, provided all necessary information is listed on the document.

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Required Information For Canada Customs Invoice

  1. Name and address of the vendor
  2. Date of shipment
  3. References (Order Number)
  4. Receiving party’s name and address
  5. Purchaser’s name and address
  6. Country of shipment
  7. Country of origin of goods
  8. Transportation (Mode and place of direct shipment to Canada)
  9. Conditions of sale and terms of payment
  10. Currency of payment
  11. Number of packages
  12. Specification of items (General Description)
  13. Quantity
  14. Unit price (Price Per Item)
  15. Total weight
  16. Invoice total (Total Value)
  17. Reference to commercial invoice
  18. Exporter’s name and address
  19. Originator’s name and address
  20. CBSA ruling

Substituting a Commercial Invoice for my Canada Customs Invoice

  • You may use a traditional Commercial Invoice in place of a CCI as long as the document includes:
  • The exporter’s full name, address, and country
  • The importer’s full name and address
  • A detailed description of the goods in the shipment
  • Net and gross weight
  • The unit price of each item (using the currency of settlement)
  • Currency used for payment of the goods
  • The terms of delivery and payment
  • The date the goods went in transit
  • Reference numbers (purchaser’s order number)
  • Import license (if applicable)
  • Freight charges/insurance
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Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) streamlines the flow of the importing and exporting people and goods in and out of Canada. To seamlessly ship goods in and out of Canada, shippers should provide

  • Business Number.
  • Identify the goods you want to import.
  • Use a licensed customs broker.
  • Determine the country of origin for the goods you are sending.
  • Confirm the goods you’re importing are allowed to be in Canada.
  • Determine whether the goods you intend to import are subject to special permits, restrictions, or regulations.
Canada Customs Invoice

Restricted Goods in Canada

The CBSA will seize your cargo if caught with any of these restricted items:

  • Firearms
  • Raw food (raw poultry products)
  • Not fully cooked (eggs, natural pet foods)
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Marijuana and THC products
  • Fireworks
  • Vehicles (No Motorcycles, ATVs, Snowmobiles, Industrial lawnmowers, or any motorized or titled vehicles on cross-border shipments).

Cross Border Shippers Guide

For your shipment to enter Canada, it must go through customs clearance. This typically involves two steps: declaration and inspection. For your freight to be approved to pass inspection your declaration requires the following information:

  • Inform the customer you are quoting in U.S. Funds
  • Manual Quotes need to be in U.S. funds or converted into U.S. funds. Quotes need to include all applicable taxes
  • List customs broker info or check the box using Wilson international for customs clearing.

Before pickup, send the customer the shipment’s H.S. code (The H.S. Code must be on the USMCA Certificate of Origin).

At the pickup point, the shipper will hand the documents and bill of lading (BOL)​ to the driver.

While self-clear ​requires a manual quote, the value must be less than $2,500.

Carrying in-bond shipments requires a manual quote for freight moving through the U.S. without clearing customs. The carrier you use must be a Bonded Carrier.

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Working With Customs Brokers

Customs brokers ensure that your cargo and documents meet all transport needs before shipment. You can find brokers through the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America. Before settling on a brokerage, make sure they have a license through the CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection). Although to be sure, you can double-check licensing with the CBP.

Canada Customs Invoice Help

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