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How Do I Ship An Engine?

The Best Way to Ship an Engine

Engines are bulk and heavy items that can not simply be moved by using hand power. With that factor added this item would not be able to ship with standard UPS. Instead it would have to be transported using a logistics company. While researching how to ship an engine, one may come across the perks of using Less Than Truckload Freight (LTL). This method allows a shipment that is not too high in volume such an engine, to occupy only the necessary amount of space needed within an enclosed freight truck. Partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider puts users in contact with expert agents who know everything about the industry, inside and out. These experts will be able to help clients with every step of the shipment planning process.

How to Ship an Engine via LTL

Less then Truckload providers do have requirements that apply throughout the shipments planning. With weights of 150-15,000 pounds, users only pay for the space that the cargo occupies. This works very well for engine shipments. A number of shipping options are provided. Clients can ship via standers, guaranteed, or expedited services with carriers. Standard shipping offers the cheapest rates out of all three, however does not guarantee that the commodity will be shipped on a timely manner. Guaranteed shipping service, guarantees the amount of transit days that it will take for an item to ship, however does not assure the pick up time, meaning the delivery date would shift every day that a pick up is missed. The price rage of guaranteed services varies but is usually a second to the more economical pricing out of the three. Last but not least expedited service is used when a commodity needs to be picked up and delivered by a specific date and time, this service is assuring however prices very on the carriers fluctuations.

Consolidating Your Engine Shipment

By consolidating your engine shipment with other shippers’ freight, you effectively “share the cost” of a full truckload. Because of this, shipping your engine via LTL freight could provide a much more economical price range. Price is determined on availability, dimensions , distance, and other factors such as the specified class of the item . LTL also offers a variety of accusatorial add ones. These assesitiorials include; guaranteed shipping, delivery notifications, inside delivery, and liftgate services.

Preparing to Ship an Engine

While in the transportation process of shipping a single community through an LTL provider, certain packaging requirements are put to place by the carriers. Throughout the process of this transportation, this freight will have been moved from one truck to the other various amounts of times an well as different terminals. Due to the freight shippers only shipping commodity that is bulky, everything is moved through the terminals by either forklift or a pallet jack. This means that in order for an item to be moved it would have to at least be on a pallet, making it forklift/pallet jack accusable.

Now, whether or not you choose a crate or a pallet, you must drain all of the fluids from the engine. The fluid within is a potential danger, and the LTL carrier shall not accept an engine that still has those within. Both methods have their unique classification and rate table to determine the cost of the shipment. An engine on a pallet is class 85, while a crated engine’s class is 70. Pricing tends to be where the higher the class, the higher the cost. However, crating does take a lot less effort when it comes to the physical packaging, so the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Other Shipment Carriers?

Are there other options for when you want to ship an engine? While there are technically other options, there are reasons why we only recommend LTL. The other freight carriers out there include full truckloads. The pros of these are that they have special equipment needs and tend to be the fastest option. However, you would need to pay for all of the space your shipment doesn’t take up and would be to discover limited trucks available for your type of item to ship.

Partial Truckload is the other. Shipments with these are essentially a fusion of LTL and full truck loads. You receive dedicated trucks that move smaller loads at a time, but again may have limited trucks available like the full truckload. These possibilities are due to them moving temperature or hazardous items that would make your engine shipment unsafe. Carriers such as these are best saved for other item types. The best engine shipment carriers shall remain LTL freights for the foreseeable future.

The Best Engine Shipment Carriers

LTL has many carriers. Freight Center can help you find the best carrier for your specific shipments and destinations. Our network includes more than 50 of the top LTL carriers. This includes national and regional options. When searching through us, you’ll get instant access to dozens of rates from the top freight carriers.


FreightCenter has shipped thousands of engines over the past 20 years. Our team of experienced freight agents can help you navigate the specifics of your engine shipment and help you ensure you cover all necessary steps. FreightCenter has been around since 1998 and has been a leading third-party logistics provider both around town and around the planet. While privately owned, we have made many partnerships with freight carriers and affiliations with wonderful companies, everywhere around us. Shipping an engine via LTL Freight, through Freight Center, is the go-to way to do so.

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