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Shipping to Canada from the U.S.

FreightCenter offers cross-border shipping originating from the U.S. or Canada. Shipping freight to Canada involves commercial invoices, cargo liability limitations and customs clearance. FreightCenter and its team of trusted partner carriers and customs brokers can help assist with any cross-border shipments or concerns.

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Requirements to Ship to Canada

Shipping to Canada from the U. S., and vice-versa, require separate paperwork. Two necessary documents are the Bill of Lading and a Commercial Invoice. Other possible documents that may be needed include a Canada Customs Invoice (CCI) if the value of your shipment is at least $1,600 CDN, a NAFTA Certificate of Origin if shipping specific products/ commodities or an Export License for regulated products/commodities.

An export license is only necessary for regulated products such as alcohol, tobacco or firearms, amongst others. Another important piece of information that may be used is a Cargo Control Number (CCN). This is used to easily identify goods. And lastly, the Commercial Invoice contains detailed information about the products that you’re shipping, the buyer and the seller, and product quantity and other details for purposes of assessing taxes and duty.

Taxes and Duty Shipping

Canada’s required tax shipping law is known as Duty Shipping. These costs are estimated based on your shipment’s weight, value in CDN, and product type. The U.S. has its own separate form of duties for shipments coming from out of the country. Any item sent to Canada could be subject to their Goods and Services Tax (GST) and/or duty. GST is a 5% required payment for all imports to Canada. You can ship products with a value up to $200 CDN, but this does not include tobacco products or alcoholic beverages.

Shipping between the U.S. and Canada Partnerships

Many North American freight carriers ship cross-border between the U. S. and Canada. FreightCenter has partnerships with many of these carriers. Our reliable customs broker, Willson International can assist with paperwork and border clearance. Using Willson can help avoid costly delays and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) penalties. Willson has served a wide variety of industries for over a decade, and when you book a cross-border shipment with FreightCenter, you have the ability to choose Willson International.

Options and Advantages

By working with FreightCenter, you are able to take advantage of multiple shipping options and advantages. We make cross-border shipping as seamless and timely as possible for everyone involved. Whether you need to keep your shipments fresh, frozen, temperature-controlled, specialized or dry, FreightCenter has got your back. We offer special services to accommodate all freight from high to low maintenance. FreightCenter and our partnerships offer you many advantages such as very competitive rates, assistance in paperwork preparation, real-time tracking, and your freight agents being on call-ready for any all questions that you may perceive. Your additional shipping options include a dry van, refrigerated, flatbed, or specialized freight.

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Resources for Shipping between Canada and the U.S.

FreightCenter has many resources that you can take advantage of in preparation of your shipment. The most commonly needed information for your shipment is density. We do have a density calculator available for you to assist in calculating your shipments details. Those are needed to help narrow down the exact freight carrier to use. FreightCenter also provides assistance in looking up the zip code of where you’d be delivering to up in Canada, along with many others such as: frequently asked questions, freight terms, and coupon codes. We are happy to assist both with our website or over the phone by calling 800-716-7608.

shipping between Canada and the U.S.


FreightCenter opened it’s doors to assist all those around us back in 1998. We expanded from country wide, to shipping from the U.S. into Canada, to across the planet and assist with deliveries internationally. FreightCenter has been well reviewed and recommended by both the neighborhood we reside in and the many customer we have assisted over the years. In addition, reviewers on Built IN, refer to us as one of the top Tampa Bay transportation companies.

Final Notes

Seeing all of the details involved with shipping to Canada from the U.S. may seem like a lot. Here at FreightCenter, we have the ability to simplify your cross border shipping. FreightCenter has the ability to compare costs and rates from over 50 cross-border trucking companies. We make sure to assist you in receiving the cheapest possible rates, vetted/insured carriers and customs broker services. FreightCenter can also track and trace your shipments and provide automatic carrier updates.

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