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Shipping Notification Services

Shipping notification services are message alerts that tell your customers about the progress of their package(s). Delivery notifications are sent by the carrier via text, email, or mobile app (if the carrier has a mobile app). 

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Shipping Notification Services for your Shipments

Shipping companies use delivery notifications to keep customers informed throughout the delivery process. This starts as soon as the carrier receives the order. Once a shipment has been processed and sent out, the carrier will provide a tracking number and an estimate of your delivery time. Once your freight reaches its final location, you will receive a notification upon its delivery.

Stay Informed With Shipping Notification Services

When a customer is not prepared for their delivery, it can cause an issue in the carrier’s delivery schedule. Lost time results in higher costs for your company due to burning fuel on a failed delivery attempt. Redelivery often occurs when the consignee isn’t present, your delivery requires a signature or they request inside delivery. If your customer knows when you’re delivering their package, they can plan to be home, and your driver won’t have to return another day or wait around, leading to other shipping delays.

Save Money With Successful Deliveries

Late or unsuccessful shipments affect profit margins. When shipment dropoffs or pickups are missed, many times it returns as an unsuccessful shipment. Applying for the Notification Services accessorial allows customers to know the estimated time of their delivery ahead of, and in real time. Fulfilled shipments save your company the expense of the return.

What Are Accessorials?

When shipping freight, you should make sure that it receives the proper handling it requires. Depending on your shipping situation, some accessorials are required and need to be included when getting a quote. Before you start a quote, gather all of your shipment’s information. It is important to know exactly where you’re shipping to and from, the location type, and what equipment is available at these locations.

Additional Accessorial Services

Think of accessorials as add-ons to your shipment, just like adding technical features to a computer you’re buying. Some may be necessary, while others are completely optional. By providing accurate details during the quote process, you can reduce your risk of billing adjustments.



Failure to notify the need for certain accessorials can lead to unwanted billing adjustments. Use the list of accessorials above to help you determine which services you need or want for your shipment.

A Partner You Can Trust

Make sure your supply chain isn’t being charged unnecessary costs from missed pickups/dropoffs. Optimize your shipping process by partnering with a third-party logistics company (3PL) like FreightCenter. We help you every step of the way to get you the services you need to ship your freight.

Our shipping experts help you figure out exactly what accessorials your shipment needs at the start of the shipping process. Start by getting a free online quote or give us a call at 800.716.7608.

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