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What Is A Gaylord?

Gaylord boxes, also known as bulk bins or pallet boxes, are made out of cardboard or plastic material. They are known for their variety of customization to fit the needs of any business. No matter what it is or how much they’re shipping, this popular container is used daily by companies to store or transport large amounts of freight. These pallet-sized boxes provide a wide, deep space for freight, allowing carriers to ship more freight with less space.

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How To Use Gaylord Boxes

The primary purpose of a Gaylord box is to create quick and easy bulk shipments to save cost and time for both the consigner and consignee. Fragile items shipped using Gaylord boxes include car parts, produce, glass items, porcelain, and other items that have the potential to break or damage. Depending on shipping needs, these containers include a lid or no lid and complete or partial bottoms. Gaylord boxes offer variety and support. Once loaded with freight, it is vital to place the Gaylord box on an even pallet then is stackable, which allows carriers to utilize as much space as possible during transit.

In addition to the cardboard variety, Gaylord boxes also include a variety of plastic containers, adding an extra layer of security for fragile freight like food or drinks. Gaylord boxes are in use at grocery stores to display promoted food items. They are efficient for storage and quick sorting, which is why they are sometimes in use at thrift stores or discount retail shops.

Gaylord Size Capacities (L x W x H Inches)

The most used Gaylord containers are pallet containers. D and E containers are the most common size preference by shippers.

  • Pallet Box
    • Length | 40″
    • Width | 30″
    • Height | 30″
    • 1,200-1,500 lbs.
  • Small Gaylord
    • Length | 36″
    • Width | 36″
    • Height | 36″
    • 1,000-1,200 lbs.
  • D container
    • Length | 58″
    • Width | 42″
    • Height | 45″
    • 400-1,200+ lbs.

The Purpose Of Gaylord Boxes

The objective of using Gaylord Boxes is to save money on shipments by providing packaging that will last for more usage on combined shipments. Gaylord boxes make loading and unloading shipments easier and faster.

Gaylords In Grocery Stores

Gaylord boxes are the most ideal for food processing companies. Produce is a great example of the contents a Gaylord container is most used for. To keep the food in stable condition, some boxes have circular venting holes as a custom option. Most fruits and vegetables need these circular venting holes to maintain their freshness, such as watermelons. These fruits require an octagonal bulk bin due to their abnormal shape. Once they reach their destination, items are on display with the same pallet and Gaylord box at that store. Plastic and scrap metal companies find these boxes efficient for storage and make sorting items easier because their business is based around converting these collected materials to profits. So it is important to keep these items organized within the storage units. Charities will reuse Gaylord boxes to separate clothing from food and sort pants away from shirts for easy finding. Retail stores utilize Gaylords for sorting as well, making it easier for employees to find what they need.

A favorite feature of Gaylord containers is how eco-friendly these boxes are, helping companies function with some environmental friendliness. The 90s brought awareness that our environment is changing due to pollution, so the benefits of recycling were vital around this era. Many Gaylord boxes are made out of recyclable fibers. They are also collapsible, so they can be easily stored and don’t contribute much to landfills. They conserve truck room because multiple shipments can fit in one Gaylord container. Plastic or cardboard boxes are also used as storage for scrap metals or can be used as bins to group items for recycling. In 1992, the GCC recycled about 1.7k tons of old corrugated containers. By recycling, reusing, collapsing, or returning the used box, landfill trash is reduced. The conservation of storage and materials makes Gaylords eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

Types of Containers

  • Rectangular/Square
    • Easiest to set up
    • keeps shaping better than octabins
  • Octabin
    • Octagonal boxes with strong corners
    • Used for abnormally shaped items, like watermelons.
  • HPT
    • High-Performance Tote with 3 parts laminated together for heavy duty.
    • The inner-most layer is octagonal for corner post pockets
  • Produce Box
    • display fruits & vegetables in stores
    • provides venting holes
  • Resin Box
    • has full bottom
    • laminated with adhesive to prevent dampness
  • Combo Bin
    • Used to transport meat(poultry, beef, fish)
    • Octagonal shape
    • Can be nailed to a pallet
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How To Use Gaylord Boxes

Packaging your shipments is essential to protecting valuable loads and ensuring reliability. If a shipment is not palletized correctly, you’re running the risk of being unable to transport your goods via freight. Fragile items in the load can be cared for by filling the box and not leaving dead space for items to move around. They should also be individually wrapped away from nonfragile items, protected from moisture, and stacked on top of heavier loads. Gaylord boxes require palletization if they need to be stacked, especially if it’s a fragile load.

Pallets protect shipments from getting damaged because it makes transporting the boxes easier with machinery. Machinery preserves time compared to manually loading and unloading shipments by hand at the docking site. Most docks charge extra fees for waiting time, so less time spent waiting for unloading saves shipping costs. A forklift helps transport the palletized containers. A Gaylord dumper can then be used to remove the contents from the box for easy storage or processing.

Why Is It Called A Gaylord?

Gaylord box was a unique name associated with the Gaylord Container Corporation when they were first manufactured by the J.C. Bullis Company in the early 1900s. The company completely dissolved in 2002, but “Gaylord” is a generic term for these popular containers as of presently.

Due to a hostile takeover of a paper corporation, Crown Zellerbach in 1985, the GCC was singled out as the container division of CZ. When the corporation broke up, the name “Gaylord” stuck as two men with similar businesses decided to buy that business and start marketing Gaylord boxes. One of those men was Marvin Pomerantz, the owner of the biggest brown bag corporation in the world, Continental Group Inc. At an event, he met up with Warren Hayford, the president of Gencorp Inc. At this event, Gaylord Container Corp. was born again as the emergence of two highly successful companies.

The GCC released its first stock launch to the public in 1988, but the paper industry was declining around this time, thus making profits harder for the corporation to keep up. In March of that year, the GCC teamed up with Central National Gottesman Inc. to market their products overseas in hopes of increasing profits.

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