October, 7 2015 - FreightCenter, Inc., an industry-leading third-party logistics (3PL) company based out of the Tampa Bay area is proud to announce the promotion of experienced sales agent, Matthew Harris.

FreightCenter is a third-party logistics company that can assist you with all your shipping needs whether they're commercial or residential, big or small, and streamlined or unique. It was originally founded back in 1998 when founder Matthew Brosious discovered a need for shipping things that were too big to ship at your local post office. Thus, FreightCenter was born. 

Harris will now serve as the customer service department's quality assurance representative – a position focused on customer experience.

"Our company growth is largely fueled by commercial business, so it's important that we understand the needs of those customers and find ways to deliver exactly what they need," says Lisa Torzillo, customer service supervisor.

As the quality assurance representative, Harris is responsible for not only ensuring quality service, but also for collecting and reporting data on FreightCenter's commercial business trends. He sees this as a chance to bridge the gap between customer service and commercial customers. With such a competitive market, FreightCenter understands what it needs to deliver on when getting customers to want to book with us rather than a competitor. People want quality service and reasonable rates. With the addition of this new position, we can now provide as great of customer service as we do prices. 

"I'm going to be doing post-delivery follow up, as well as working a lot on revitalizing commercial accounts. Asking them questions such as, ‘what can we do to earn your business,' in hopes that I can help streamline their shipping patterns," says Harris.

He believes his position will also help FreightCenter streamline the relationship between customer service and the sales agents.

"As a former sales agent, I know how difficult it is to make time for those kinds of questions when you're trying to reach your sales goals," explains Harris. "I think this position will really take some of the pressure off of them."

Torzillo agrees that Harris will benefit all of FreightCenter in his new position.

"Matt really knows how to talk to the customers. He proved himself the last year and a half as a sales agent, and I believe he's going to be an excellent addition to the customer service team, too." 

Over time, the Quality Assurance team has expanded far beyond the realm of customer service. By being committed to providing an above par customer experience, FreightCenter know that all aspects of the experience should be put through a Quality Assurance test.

In October 2016, FreightCenter announced the creation of what is now known as the Quality Assurance team. Headed by Justin Raynor, the team is responsible for all aspects of ensuring every customer has a quality experience when using the FreightCenter site. This small group of Support Specialists and Quality Assurance Testers provide website support to FreightCenter's 1.5 million+ registered users by testing pages of the sites and gadgets such our instant quote tool. In order to engage customers, it's crucial that they have a positive experience on our site whether it's their first time or hundredth time. The Quality Assurance team makes sure of this!

FreightCenter hopes to continue monitoring the quality of all processes and protocols involved in the daily operations of its company. By committing to placing an importance on bringing forth better processes, FreightCenter positions itself as a leader in the freight world which sometimes gets a bad rep for the convoluted and cloudy protocol. It's up to us to determine what a customer needs when looking to book a freight shipment, and then implement projects that will create these processes or features that our customers are looking for. 

"We never want a user to visit our page and choose not to book with us because we're lacking in some department. By staying current on the trends, we're confident that any user visiting our page will find everything they're looking for." said FreightCenter CEO, Matthew Brosious. 

Luckily, we never have to be in that position. With such a great team of dedicated people backing FreightCenter as whole, success will continue to come.