Going Beyond Traditional Recruiting Efforts to Beat Talent Shortage

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Despite growth in the transportation and logistics industry over recent years, a lack of talent among the younger workforce has become a critical issue.


Global trade of goods and services is on the rise, but so is the number of ageing employees considering retirement in the transportation and logistics industry. These factors have created a demand for younger skilled employees to fill a greater number of positions within the industry. The problem, however, is that this demand has been left unanswered, resulting in a serious shortage of skilled and experienced employees. How can transportation and logistics companies cope to overcome this shortage?

Using talent acquisition to beat the shortage

FreightCenter has already made that commitment beginning with the replacement of traditional recruiting procedures with a talent acquisition strategy. Under this new long-term approach, we realize that each talent we come across can offer something valuable to our company.

As our Talent Acquisition Specialist Vanessa Herrera puts it, "Talent Acquisition helps identify people without industry knowledge or experience that can still be a great asset to the company".

This change has proved to be more efficient and productive in acquiring top talent by making the process more candidate-centric and inclusive in nature. Instead of simply recruiting to fill positions, we have created talent pools of people who possess unique skills and can contribute to the success of our business, all while doing our part to help reduce the talent shortage of millennials in the industry.

How FreightCenter attracts quality talent


At FreightCenter, recruitment has become a subset of talent acquisition, with our focus expanding to consider other important aspects like company branding, outreach and relationship building. Recently, we launched a complete company rebranding strategy that included creation of new departments, realignment of business goals with technological advances and investments into our company culture and people. This initiative has enabled us to be more competitive and attractive within the 3PL industry in the eyes of consumers and job-seekers alike. Likewise, we use outreaching through online platforms like LinkedIn to draw the attention of young job-seekers to our company and show them the potential for growth and advancement they have here. FreightCenter has also cultivated strong relationships with local colleges and universities to engage younger people in our industry and provide them with additional knowledge and development. Going forward, talent acquisition and similar initiatives will make all the difference in overcoming the shortage of labor and driving younger talent to meet the growing needs of the transportation and logistics industry.

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