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FreightCenter Inc. is a freight logistics service. As such, we do not accept consignment of freight.

Consignment or the “acceptance of responsibility and liability” is done by the shipper at the time of pick when it is assigned by the shipper to the actual freight carrier. At all times, the consigned party remains solely liable for the shipment. Liability therefore moves from shipper to carrier (or carriers) and ultimately to the final consignee at the point of delivery. Each consigned party releases the previous party from liability when signing for the shipment. While FreightCenter Inc. is not a consignee, we will assist the shipper with the processing of any claims made upon a consignee or shipper.

You MUST read and agree to the following information to submit a damage claim


It is important to understand the responsibilities of your freight insurance company, the logistics service and the freight carrier. (The company that actually transported your shipment)


A freight insurance company provides freight insurance during transit. Freight insurance is not purchased from FreightCenter Inc. (a logistics service) and not purchased from the freight company (carrier) that transported your freight.

If you did secure freight insurance, you would have arranged for it with your insurance company (Home owners or business), or you may have contacted an insurance company that specializes in freight insurance. A list of freight insurance companies is available at www.freightinsurancecompanies.com as well as the yellow pages. If you have experienced loss or damage, you should contact your freight insurance company directly. All damage claims must be reported to FreightCenter Inc. within 48 hours of delivery.


FreightCenter Inc. is a logistics service and freight brokerage. As such, our function is to provide access to major freight carriers. In many respects our relationship is very similar to a travel agency, we help you find a carrier, but we are not the actual carrier. We never see nor handle your shipment. Your freight carrier is the company that did the actual pickup, transportation and deliver of your shipment.


The freight company that actual transported your shipment is exclusively responsible for the  transportation and delivery of your shipment. (See documentation provided at time of shipping)


You should also be aware that your freight carrier (all freight carriers) are subject to the applicable rules and regulations governing freight at the federal, state, and local levels. On issues of damage claims and damage liability, the National Motor Freight Association (NMFC) establishes the rules and regulations.


Do not confuse " carrier liability " with " freight insurance ". As explained below, the freight carriers liability is based on a rate of 10 cents per pound, not the value of what you shipped.

Freight carriers in the United States are liable for lost or damaged freight, based on a rate per pound. While the carriers liability may provide some recuperation, it is strictly limited to the rate per pound.

Carrier liability is calculated as follows:

( Weight Of Shipment x 10 cents Per Pound = Carriers Total Liability )

Many shippers purchase additional freight additional freight insurance. If you did purchase freight insurance, it would have been through a Freight Insurance Company (3rd party) not from FreightCenter Inc. and not from the freight carrier.

If such insurance was purchased, you should contact that insurance company as soon as possible. If you did not purchase additional freight insurance coverage, your carrier's (for that matter, all US freight carriers) liability is .10 per pound. This amount can not exceed the invoice value of the shipment.


You must provide all supporting documentation as requested in the form below. Missing documentation and or signatures will result in a delay of processing your claim. All damage claims must be reported to FreightCenter Inc. within 48 hours of delivery.

The following is a copy of the agreement included in your original documentation.

Your rates are based on: the type of item(s) being shipped (class), weight, size, commercial or residential pickup or delivery. Shipper is responsible for correct shipment description & commodity code. Should the actual shipment's description or services prove to be different than shown, additional charges may be accessed and charged to your account. As the shipper, you agree to pay for the actual weight, actual dimension(s) and actual services provided. For shipments requiring special services, AFC will offer to arrange transport by appropriate alternative carrier(s) Charges will be based on actual services as required with full credit applied. Shipper may request cancellation at any time up to 30 days after contract date. If the shipper elects to cancel the service, a 20% cancellation and processing fee will be applied. The carrier(s) is subject to all state & federal laws & regulations applicable to the transportation of this shipment and is therefore exclusively liable for the shipment. The shipper understands that FreightCenter Inc. is not the actual carrier and as such, the shipper will not deny AFC payment for reasons related to disputes with the carrier. Shipper agrees the laws and regulations of United States of America and the State of Florida have sole jurisdiction regarding the execution of this agreement and that the venue for all legal proceedings concerning this invoice and associated services shall be in Pasco County, Florida. Shipments are covered under the carrier's limited liability coverage, per the carrier's tariff schedule at $0.10 per pound. Shipper may secure ancillary liability coverage via third party at www.freightinsurancecompanies.com. Consignee agrees to inspect the shipment at the time of delivery & document any damage on the delivery bill. Shipper is responsible for proper preparation, packing, and addressing of the shipment. Shipper must provide shipping forms (BOL) at the point of pickup or a $45.00 reprocessing fee may be accessed. As the party arranging this shipment you are agreeing to pay for all services as actually provided. As the party arranging this shipment, you are agreeing to pay for all services as actually provided.

As the party arranging this shipment you are agreeing to pay for all services as actually provided

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For additional information you may download "Laws and Regulations" regarding liability.

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