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Cross-Border Shipping

April 26, 2022 by FreightCenter
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Cross-border shipping, for example, between Canada and the U.S., can be a complex process. Both countries have their own strict laws and security requirements. It’s not difficult; the process is just more detailed and lengthy – though not impossible by any means. We’ll walk you through how to make cross-border freight shipping secure and seamless.

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Freight Shipping Across the Canada-US Border

Typically, shipments to or from Canada are transported by road except when they are urgent or time sensitive. There is a possibility for them to be shipped by air as it is a much more efficient (yet expensive) option. Customs clearance is the most vital part of the cross-border shipping process as it determines if the shipment will be allowed to pass through or not.

Here’s a few tips for shipping across the Canada-US border:

  • Book your shipment, allowing your carrier to start the shipping process as soon as possible.
  • Assemble all essential customs documents to give to your carrier when they pick up your shipment.
  • Ensure both your 3PL broker and your carrier have copies of all documents. Working with a 3PL makes it easier and more cost-effective for you to have your goods reach their destination on time.

Partnering with a 3PL helps make cross-border freight shipping easier for shippers. A 3PL broker ensures all documentation for your shipment is in order. They also assist you in preparing the documents required to ship your freight across the border to its destination. A 3PL will assist in working with the Customs Broker to ensure smooth transit of your goods across the border.

Cross-Border Shipping

Cross-Border Freight Shipping Documentation

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and bogged down with the required paperwork to ship cross country. We’ve kept things simple by outlining all the materials you’ll be needing and what purpose they serve in the process.

  • Commercial Invoice – this document contains detailed information about the goods you’re shipping, the buyer and seller, volume of goods and other relevant details for purposes of assessing tax and duty, which is essential at the border.
  • Bill of Lading (BOL) – Bill of Lading bears detailed information about the shipment owner, the destination and the exact pick-up point. The shipping company usually provides the lading bill to the recipient of the goods at the pick-up point.
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin – May also be required in some cases. Freight Center can assist in determining whether this document will be a requirement for your shipment.
  • Export License – This document is necessary only for regulated products such as alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and others.
  • Cargo Control Number – For easy identification of goods.

Cross-Border Freight Shipping Made Simple

When you work with FreightCenter, we make cross-border shipping seamless and timely for all parties involved. Whether your shipment is fresh, frozen, specialized or dry cargo, FreightCenter has you covered. We can offer special services to accommodate even the most high-maintenance freight. Our partnerships with carriers and cross-border freight companies offer you exclusive advantages:

  • Very competitive cross-border freight shipping rates
  • Assisted paperwork preparation for the customs clearance for your goods
  • Real-time tracking of your shipment from pick-up to delivery
  • Experienced freight agents on-call ready to answer any questions you may have

Several additional shipping options include:

Starting your freight shipping journey with FreightCenter is easy. Just provide us the dimensions and weight of your shipment and we’ll provide you a quote! It’s as simple as that.

Let us know if your freight requires any additional services or shipping accessorials. Not sure? Ask your agent by calling 844-212-7447. They’ll be able to help you determine if your freight shipment will require a liftgate, dry van or refrigeration.

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