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Cybersecurity and Freight Shipping: Keeping Your Supply Chain Secure

April 26, 2022 by FreightCenter
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Many may not believe it, but cybersecurity and freight shipping go hand in hand. It seems like we are hearing almost daily in the news about more and more mass-scale cyberattacks and hacks. So far this year alone, we’ve seen disruptions in major industries such as the meat supply chain, and oil supply chains, which has had a big impact on the overall economy and the supply and demand framework. Keeping your supply chain secure when it comes to cybersecurity and freight shipping is becoming a top priority for logistics managers everywhere as our industry moves more into the digital age of freight.

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Cybersecurity and Freight Shipping

When you think of freight shipping, you might only be thinking of warehouses with fast-moving forklifts and pallets being stacked and freight trucks being loaded. It may not seem like there is much of a digital process, but freight shipping has moved to a digital process also and has ultimately become prone to potential cyberattacks and digital disruptions.

Supply chain networks nowadays are run tighter than ever before and rely on software to keep them connected and moving at the appropriate pace. Different departments communicate with each other digitally for a more streamlined, efficient process. But that also comes with the risk of everything falling out of order very fast when something in the digital process is compromised or hacked. The Colonial pipeline hack for example caused a great stir in the supply and demand of gas. Similar situations can be found with the JBS hack on the meat supply.

With the current economic conditions such as limited supply and increasing demand, and the capacity crunch in the freight shipping industry, the risks of cyberattacks happening to capitalize on these conditions and the level of impact they have been increasing substantially. They cause delays, inventory mismanagement, and other costly impacts that your business cannot afford.

Cybersecurity and Freight Shipping

Keeping Your Supply Chain Secure with Cybersecurity

So how do you keep your supply chain secure from cyberattacks yet flexible enough to bounce back effectively and efficiently in the case a cyberattack happens? Although we’re talking about a digital phenomenon, the key is to have the right people in place at all levels and branches of your supply chain to help keep things in order.

Get IT Help

Having a strong IT team supporting your digital supply chain is crucial. And promoting data protection security measures across all levels of your organization will go a long way in keeping your supply chain secure. Look into different, yet reputable, virus protection and malware-blocking software to implement into your digital framework. Use secure passwords, including some form of authentication measures to maximize supply chain security.

Have Strong Supplier Relationships

Suppliers are important pieces of the supply chain. Having strong relationships with the right suppliers will help you during a time of potential crisis or just during general operating processes. Economic conditions have made it challenging for many manufacturers and suppliers to find raw materials they need, and many suppliers are struggling to adapt to the changing tides of the market.

Get an understanding of what to expect from your suppliers so then your customers can know what to expect from you, and you can better manage your customer expectations moving forward to keep them happy with your services.

Partner with a 3PL to Assist with Freight Shipping Needs

Partnering with a third-party logistics company (3PL) like FreightCenter can provide an extra layer of protection. Don’t risk a disruption to your customer experience, give us a shout today and see how we can help you find affordable rates all with an added layer to keep your supply chain functioning securely.

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