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Drop Deck Freight Services

You can save big on drop deck freight services or any other truckload freight shipping service with FreightCenter. Get an instant quote online today.

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What Are Drop Deck Shipping Services?

When a load needs to be closer to the ground to accommodate forklift loading and unloading, step decks or drop deck trailers are the best equipment for the job. Drop deck freight trailers are designed to transport long loads. This type of specialized truckload equipment has a lower deck system that rolls on to an upper deck. Most carriers who specialize in truckload freight offer drop deck freight services. Drop (step) deck trailers are used for heavy or large-sized equipment that needs frequent shipping to various destinations. A drop deck trailer has two levels, but it usually doesn’t have any sides or top, which means that it’s pretty flexible.  You can use it to transport a variety of things. When comparing different trailer types, the drop deck is good for loads where overhead-space is a concern. The flat design means that you can load the trailer like a flatbed, but the load sits closer to the ground. If you need to pass under lower bridges, you want to keep your load lower than that height. By dropping the deck, you can still hook up the trailer as normal but the load can be taller. Types of Drop Deck Loads:
  • Heavy Construction Piping
  • Stacked Wood Flooring and Lumber
  • Large Metal Containers
  • Subway Rail Cars
  • Scaffolding Setups
  • Towing (with removable gooseneck attachment)

Need a Drop Deck Trailer?

FreightCenter works with the best trucking companies in the nation, with access to drop decks with removable goosenecks, as well as all other types of flatbed trucking equipment, such as lowboys and flatbeds. Use our instant freight quote tool to get rates instantly from top carriers or call us at 800.716.7608.
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