Shipping freight with multiple carriers


Drop shipping is a supply chain process used when a retailer doesn't house its own goods. Instead, they're housed by a manufacturer or wholesaler. The products are shipped to the retailer or its customers as needed.

Companies like Amazon and its seller network utilize drop shipping to fulfill online orders. In other words, Amazon acts as the third party fulfillment company. They're responsible for packaging, labeling and shipping products to the end customer.

Not just Amazon shipments are fulfilled in this manner. There are hundreds of fulfillment companies out there for retailers to choose from. FreightCenter can help arrange shipments for these fulfillment centers. We have the resources necessary to organize transportation for inbound and outbound inventory.


Do you need to drop ship large, heavy items, or a large quantity of items at one time? It's a good idea to work with a freight broker or third party logistics company.

FreightCenter has a large network of freight carriers across the nation. We contracts these carries to ship our customers' freight. By using FreightCenter to book your freight shipments, you're provided with discounts you can't get when you go directly to the carrier.

FreightCenter has been around since 1998. That means we have nearly two decades of buying power. We book hundreds of shipments a day and service thousands of customers a year. These two benefits qualify us for low contract rates and high-volume discounts.

Drop shipping freight nationwide

Not only do you get access to these low rates, but you also save time when you use FreightCenter. With just one quote, you get to compare rates, services and transit times from multiple carriers at once. No more wasting time shopping for rates online. Choose which carrier works best for you.

Our staff of freight experts handle all the logistics for you. They'll review your shipment for accuracy, book and schedule it, and even track it for you. They also take care of all the billing, paperwork and claims.

Have questions about how we can help out with drop shipping for your business? Give our freight experts a call at 800.716.7608.