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Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping for parcel or freight - when you need fast, on time delivery! Booking is easy and affordable with FreightCenter.

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Your Guide to Expedited Shipping

FreightCenter is dedicated to matching you with the best expedited shipping carrier to meet all of your needs, budget and time constraints. For the best rates and information, call 800.716.7608 to speak with a FreightCenter shipping expert, who will help you determine the best way to ship your item.

About Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping is a service for parcel or freight shipments that need to travel at a faster rate than normal. In other words, it’s ideal for shipments that need to arrive at their destinations by a specific date or time. Carriers prioritize expedited shipments over standard shipments, meaning there are fewer stops and delays during shipping. There are many benefits to expedited shipping, including:
  • Shipping speed
  • Less handling
  • Real-time delivery updates
  • Additional security of your goods
Before shipping your item, you will need to determine whether it ships via parcel or freight services. This is determined by the item’s size. Don’t have time to figure out the details? Your FreightCenter shipping expert can help you determine whether it will go by way of freight or parcel. Call 800.716.7608 to speak directly with a representative.

How Does Size Affect My Cost?

Any shipment can be expedited when needed, regardless of its size. Whether or not an item ships as parcel or freight depends upon the carrier’s specific limitations. Answer these questions to determine whether your item will ship via parcel or freight:
  • Does your shipment weigh more than 150 pounds?
  • Is your shipment more than 108 inches in length?
  • Is your shipment more than 165 inches in both length and girth* combined?
To calculate girth:
  • Multiply: package width x 2
  • Multiply: package height x 2
  • Add: Numbers from Steps 1 and 2 = Girth
  • Now, add your length + girth to see if the total is under 165 inches

Parcel Shipments

Parcels are small, lightweight shipments that fit on a standard USPS truck.

Freight Shipments

These come with no weight or size limitations, unlike parcel shipments. Freight shipping is designed to ship any large item.

Is Expedited Shipping worth the Extra Cost?

Choose expedited shipping if you need an item to be delivered within a specific timeframe. While expedited shipping is more costly than regular transit, there are times when it is the best option. Here are some examples of when expedited shipping is the best option:
  • Emergency medical tools and supplies
  • Retailer inventory replenishment from a manufacturer
  • Parts to fix a machinery breakdown
  • Any time you need a fast delivery

How Long Does it Take?

Expedited shipping deliveries can be delivered from same day to as long as three days from departure. The specific timeframes vary based on each shipping carrier’s policies and requirements.

Does FreightCenter Offer Expedited Shipping?

Yes, FreightCenter can help you with all of your expedited shipping needs, whether you’re sending parcel or freight shipments. To get a quick quote and book your expedited shipment today, call 800.716.7608 to speak with one of our shipping experts.
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