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FreightCenter partners with top-rated freight carriers to provide its customers with the best combination of service and price.

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Whether you’re shipping cargo across the country or just around the corner, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in shipping with the best freight carriers and can get your cargo where it needs to go quickly and safely. It’s easy to get a free quote on our online shipping platform. Just enter your shipping information and we’ll provide a quote. At our site, you can easily book your shipment and track your order progress in one place. Doing so is simple and convenient, taking only a few moments of your time. This valuable feature ensures that you’ll always know where your shipment is and when it will arrive. Plus, our large shipping volume allows us to offer great prices on freight services. We’re able to offer these low prices because we ship so much volume. This benefit helps our customers and makes us stand out from the competition. It’s a great way for us to show how much we care about our customers.


First-tier, quality freight carriers rates at discounted prices? That’s what you’ll find when you book your freight with us. We’re the leading provider of cross-country shipping services, and we’re here to help you get the best rates possible. So give us a call today and let us help you save! Do you hate shopping for freight services because it’s such a pain? Well, our online freight tools are here to help you shop around without any hassle. You can easily compare rates and find the best option for your needs. So save yourself some time and check out our tools today! You’ll find the price, service, time frame, AND carrier that best suits your needs.

The best part? You can do it all online with just one FreightCenter quote. Try it out today and get an instant quote, or call 800.716.7608 to get started.

Some of our freight carrier partners include:

Note: FreightCenter adds and removes carrier partners from time-to-time. This list may not be current.

Common Questions

How To Find a Freight Carrier

You find a freight carrier (an entity specializing in transporting freight from one location to another) typically by searching for available loads. Done by two options. One is calling multiple carriers and running freight quotes across multiple websites. Along with, searching load boards and posting your freight with the details of your shipment. Freight haulers (aka: freight carriers) are companies or people who directly handle your shipment. They may use a truck, train, vessel (boat), or even an airplane. If you are shipping Less Than Truckload (LTL) or international freight, several carriers may handle & transfer your shipment. For some shipments, you might hire either a freight broker or a freight carrier. These are companies that contract with a group of carriers in their own network. As a result, arrange the shipment of your freight.

Seasonal Shipping

You may find booking a freight shipment becomes easier and or harder as the time of the year changes. Winter Season brings a slow down for many companies. Naturally, the spring season brings companies back into action. 3rd Party companies however, tend to be available for you year round. We here at FreightCenter are always happy to assist. You do have ways to prepare for the winter season. Always prepare for slowdowns due to the yearly snow season. You may not need to if starting down south in Florida. However, would need to keep the destination’s location in mind. In addition, label protection is another thing to prepare for. The season can easily cause water damage to your label, protecting is a must to make sure that it remains scannable. Read more

What is a Freight Carrier?

A freight carrier is also known as a common carrier, freight company, or trucking company. It’s an entity that specializes in transporting freight—or cargo—from one location to another. When FreightCenter brokers a freight shipment, it contracts one of its 60+ freight carrier partners to have them transport its customers’ goods to its destination. We are happy to assist with questions about them and with booking one of them. You might be wondering if these are local deliverers or ones that go across the country. Freight carriers are people or companies that handle shipments around the world. They may use a truck, train, boat, or even an airplane. Are you shipping international freight, or a small and stackable Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipment? If so, several carriers may handle and transfer your shipment.

How Do They Differentiate

There are many different kinds of freight carriers. They can differ due to how packed the vehicle is, what is packed within, or the vehicle type. LTL is what you want to use when you have a stackable item that won’t take up the entire truck. For Full Truckloads, you’d have to pay for the space not used. However, you would easily get your shipment done faster. The others are done for very specific causes such as:

  • Plane: International

  • Boat: International and or Island

  • Train: Portions too large or dangerous for truck

  • Truck: Border Crossing Deliveries

Different Items Different Freight Carrier

Not a single carrier will agree to ship any and all types of items. This can be due to various reasons. Some will refuse to ship items that they rank as hazardous. Others may not be able to ship your item. This is due to you needing them to have trucks that can keep the inside at a certain temperature. Both items and carriers can be unique with specific requirements. FreightCenter is happy to assist in figuring those out for you. Read more

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We provide competitive freight shipping prices and an all-inclusive, easy-to-use shipping experience for our customers. Exceeding our customers’ expectations results in thousands of satisfied customer reviews and repeat business. We believe in the power of our customer relationships. Check out FreightCenter reviews from real customers, and learn what they have to say about their freight shipping experience!

I would recommend to anyone.

Working With Jennifer Rendine has been super easy. I know that every detail will be taken care of with each and every shipment. I would recommend to anyone. 5 Stars!

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It was very easy to do and priced right

It was very easy to do and priced right . The people I talked to were very friendly and helpful !

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It was a great experience.

It was a great experience. Everything went very smoothly. My customer service rep was exceptional!

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Thank you Freight Center for the good job.

I have used Freight Center for 3 different pickups and so far everything has worked beautifully. I would highly recommend their services and the pricing is very competitive. Thank you Freight Center for the good job.

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Great service and lowest price.

So happy using FreightCenter. Great service and lowest price. My go to shipper from now onT!

Tom R.
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Easy to work with

Easy to work with. Scheduled on line and then a CS rep called us to make sure all the details were in order to ship our product correctly to the customer.

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