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Freight Class Density Calculator

Enter the Length, Width, Height and Weight of your cargo. Our freight class calculator will instantly show its recommended freight class and density.

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Freight Density & LTL

Freight class is a standardized classification system used in determining shipping costs for cargo transported by LTL freight shipping. There are two ways to determine freight class – NMFC codes and density. Our freight class density calculator (above) will help you determine your cargo’s density and freight class in seconds.

  • NMFC-based freight class – The Nation Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA), a nonprofit membership organization of motor carriers, created the National Motor Freight Classification® (NMFC) system to assign freight classes for a multitude of commodities.
  • Density-based freight class – There are two circumstances under which density, not NMFC, will determine a cargo’s freight class. 1) You are using a density-based carrier. (some carriers use density rather than NMFC to determine class); 2) the NMFC for what you are shipping is Not Otherwise Indicated (NOI). In some cases, that may be because you are shipping several items with different freight classes in the same crate.

The density of an object is the measurement of its compactness or pounds per cubic foot (PCF). To learn how density and freight class are closely related, watch the video below.

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