Freight shipping quote calculator

The Only Freight Quote Calculator You Need

Have an online store? Sell heavy items via eBay? Need a way to show freight shipping costs to your buyers? There's an app for that!

FreightCenter provides web-based apps for those who ship large items. One of those apps is a widget that allows users to create an easy to use freight shipping calculator and place it right on their website or eBay listing.

The instant shipping calculator is a huge help to eBay sellers. Especially those who sell large items that can't be shipped using small parcel services. Website store owners can also use the widget to allow their customers to estimate shipping costs right from the shopping cart.

The best part? The widget is free! It only requires you to register for a free account and then enter the details of the item you want to ship as well as the origin zip code. You then paste the code right into your website or auction listing. All your customers have to do is enter the zip code they want the item to go to. Prices are provided instantly.

How do I make a custom calculator?

It’s simple!

Step 1: Register or log into your My FreightCenter account.

Step 2: From the My FreightCenter dashboard, scroll down to the My Calculators section and click on "Create a Calculator". Or, click on the "Calculators" tab at the top of the page and then click on "Create a Calculator."

freight shipping create calculator

Step 3: Fill out the "Ship From Location" section. This includes pickup location, zip code, type of location and accessorial services.

Note: You will leave the drop off location blank. Your customer/buyer will fill this in.

freight shipping calculator location

Step 4: Fill out the "Items to be Shipped" section. This includes the type of packaging, quantity, weight, dimensions and freight class for your shipment. Set your handling fee and name your calculator (both optional). Double check that the information you inserted is correct. Then click the "Get Code" button. 

Note: You will need to create a separate calculator for each of the items you sell.

freight shipping calculator sell items

Step 5: Try out the live preview at the bottom of the page to triple check everything is right. Copy and past the code into your website.

freight shipping calculator copy code

What information can my customer see?

They can’t see anything other than the quoted price, estimated transit time and selected carrier. You have the option to put a profit margin on the shipping calculator that will total in the “shipping cost.” That way your customer won’t see that you marked up the price.

Who would use a shipping calculator?

Our freight shipping calculator is intended for individuals and businesses looking for a simple way to display shipping quotes to customers. This widget gives your customers the power of instant quotes without them leaving your site.

Why would I use a freight shipping calculator?

Using our shipping calculator provides your customers with everything they need to buy the item.  This prevents them from backing out because shipping costs are too high. We provide all the information your customers need to know upfront. Quick and easy.

By using FreightCenter’s online freight shipping calculator you’re doing more than putting codes on your website. You’re giving your customers shipping solutions without having them leave your website.