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Blanket Wrap Shipping Services

Pad and blanket wrap shipping services provide tender, loving protection for your fragile freight. Rely on FreightCenter. Compare rates and save.

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Padded for Protection

blanket wrap freight shipping truck

Blanket wrap freight services, sometimes referred to as pad wrap services, refers to the process of wrapping thick blankets around goods to cover and cushion them during shipment. Blanket-wrapped cargo is commonly transported on air ride suspension trailers, providing an extra shock absorbing buffer and an extra degree of care for fragile and/or sensitive goods. This specialized service helps protect your goods from the normal impacts which can occur during loading, transit and unloading.

Handling Cargo With Care

Specialized transit solutions such as pad wrap/blanket wrap shipping services provide an extra layer of protection to ensure your delicate delivery reaches its destination intact, in good condition.

Items best suited for blanket or pad wrap transportation include:

  • Sensitive Electronics and Devices: think office equipment or medical devices and instruments – any of which may be sensitive to bumps, jolts or knocks
  • Fragile Robotics & Industrial Equipment: complex machinery with moving parts that require extra protection from jostling or pinging
  • Commercial Refrigeration & Restaurant Equipment: large, bulky items which require extra padding and protection from damage and dents
  • Trade Show Exhibits: If it’s gotta get there looking good and you want to protect it and make a high-impact impression
  • Fixtures, Furniture and Fragile Goods: Retail store fixtures, hotel furniture, casino gaming equipment, exercise equipment, residential and hotel furniture, and even household goods such as mirrors, glass, pottery or Great Grandma‘s precious antique chandelier.

The Benefit of Blankets

In addition to their soft, cushioning properties which help protect your shipment, blankets and pads offer many benefits to carriers, as well. They are a preferred packing material for blanket wrap shipping carriers because they:

  • Are easily stackable during transportation
  • Take up little space
  • Can be used in as many layers as necessary to ensure ultimate cargo protection
  • Are reusable with no concern for unnecessary waste
  • Are an affordable option, compared to crating and custom packaging

Pad wrap and blanket wrap shipping services provide the level of care necessary to ensure your delivery is transported safely and reaches its destination in excellent shape.

Blanket Wrap Freight is a Snap at FreightCenter

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