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Trade Show Display Shipping

FreightCenter works with your show's official carriers to arrange on-time delivery of your exhibit to trade shows and expos around the country.

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Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery is a term often used in manufacturing. It's an inventory management strategy that helps facilitate speedier order fulfillment with particular applications in raw material orders and manufacturing. In the Trade Show industry, JIT is important to minimize truck wait times and because there are tight delivery windows.

Just-in-time trade show display shipping services are somewhat backward from normal supply chain fulfillment in the way that goods are pulled through the supply chain versus pushed through. The process is very date-specific and the pace is dictated by how far out a show is. Displays go from warehouse to convention center, back to warehouse. Occasionally, they may go from convention center to convention center.

What Does JIT Delivery Require?

The window for delivery of trade show materials is always tight because as one show ends another is beginning. Just-in-time trade show delivery services involve the process of delivering exhibition materials at the time they are required at the time needed, and then they need to be picked up and transported either back to the warehouse or even another trade show.

In the traditional JIT manufacturer model, supply chain assembly and packaging operations don’t store the materials in on-site warehouses; the materials are received only when they are ready to be implemented into outgoing orders. Therefore, just in time logistics allows supply chain management companies to save on inventory costs and allow more usable space in their warehouses for components that are ordered more variably.

In the trade show industry, JIT operates much the same way, except instead of newly produced products being picked up and dropped off at a retail location, trade show materials are picked up from warehouses and dropped off at conventions centers within a specific timeframe. When the show is over, they will again need to be picked up within a specific time frame, to be delivered back to the warehouse, or even another trade show.

In order for the process to work smoothly, trade show organizers and participants require a highly responsive, flexible logistics model. FreightCenter is in a unique position to be able to respond very quickly to unforeseen challenges because we use multiple carriers with extensive trade show experience.

Successful just-in-time trade show logistics are centered on peak efficiency, accuracy and speed. While an individual carrier may be unable to handle your shipping needs, leaving you stranded, FreightCenter will always have a solution.

White-Glove Service

What is White Glove Delivery?

Our white-glove trade show display delivery service is a perfect solution when delivering exhibits that require special handling, such as inside delivery, unpacking, inspection, and removal of packing materials. The term “white glove” is derived from the white gloves that butlers and other domestic staff members wore — conveying impeccable cleanliness and high service standards. There is a premium for white-glove service, so we recommend that you use it only in those circumstances where the added value is justified.

White Glove Delivery for Trade Shows

If you have high-value or fragile items that require shipping, FreightCenter's white-glove delivery service is the perfect option. We ensure that your trade show display and exhibit materials are transported by freight carriers who have experience handling goods with the highest level of care.

Pricing is customized per shipment and typically predicated on the following factors:

  • Geographic Location: The overall distance between the origin and destination as well as the destination’s proximity to the distribution center will impact pricing.
  • Drop-off Location: Flights of stairs or other difficult-to-navigate on-premisis logistics will increase the cost of delivery.
  • Product specifications: Product characteristics such as size, shape, and assembly complexity will also be used to determine rates.
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