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What Are Your Freight Shipping Services?

FreightCenter is a provider of exclusive freight shipping services for businesses. Over 100 U.S. freight companies take part in our network to provide freight services to and from any point within the United States, as well as shipping to any international destination. In the world of logistics there are many different freight shipping services. Learn more about each service below to help you decide which one is best for your shipping situation.

Less-than-truckload freight shipping ltl truck

Less-than-truckload, or LTL, is a type of service offered when the shipment does not take up a full length of a 48 to 53 foot trailer. Your items are grouped with other shipments according to freight class and destination. Along with specializing in LTL shipments, LTL carriers also offer specialized services such as lift gate, residential pickups and deliveries, guaranteed services, and freeze protection. LTL shipments can usually move shipments faster than rail because they are not dependent on timetables.

Truckload freight shipping full truckload

Truckload, or TL, is a type of service where the shipment takes up the entire truck. The advantage of using truckload is that the freight is never handled when it is headed to its final destination. Because truckload carriers ship a wide array of items they often specialize in one type of shipment. Some carriers specialize in food or perishable items, while others may specialize in hazardous materials.

Intermodal freight shipping cargo container

Intermodal service is a way of shipping goods using multiple modes of transportation, like trucks, rail, and cargo ships. The key to intermodal is that the freight is transported in a specific container that can be easily transferred to each different type of transportation. This method reduces handling, damages, loss and allows the freight to be transported faster.

Rail intermodal-rail-freight-infographic

Rail is a freight shipping service where the goods are shipped in part or entirely by trains. Freight trains deal mainly with bulk, heavy, and dense materials. Shipping freight by rail is best used when shipping bulk materials over a long distance. Rail is mainly utilized in an intermodal system.

International international freight shipping ocean air

International freight shipping services include both air freight and ocean freight. When speed is a factor, choose air freight. When cost is a factor go with ocean freight.

Shipping your items by air is one of the quickest ways to transport your items nationally and internationally. Air freight also has special services that give you the ability to expedite and or consolidate your freight shipment. Depending on which country you are shipping to, some air freight can be delivered overnight.

Shipping your items by ocean freight is one of the most cost effective ways to transport your freight internationally. Ocean shipping fits perfectly into an intermodal system by having your freight fit perfectly into a special container that can be easily removed from the ship to either rail or truck.

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