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Freight Shipping to Destinations with Special Requirements

April 26, 2022 by FreightCenter
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Freight Shipping to Destinations with Special Requirements. Shipping destinations can be as distinct as the freight heading to them. Some deliveries could be as plain and simple as loading dock to loading dock, but some delivery locations have special requirements. It’s important to know the details of where your shipment is being delivered so that you can select the correct shipping accessorials during quoting to avoid costly billing adjustments after the shipment is completed. Let’s discuss freight shipping to destinations with special requirements and what you need to know.

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Special Destinations When Shipping Freight

Some shipping locations require specialized shipping services to complete the order. This can be anything from moving the load into a different truck, specific equipment for loading and unloading, needing a liftgate, and more. Essentially, if the standard freight handling equipment isn’t enough to handle the delivery of the shipment, accessorials become necessary additions.

Residential Locations

Residential locations (or non-commercial locations) are not usually freight truck-friendly, so deliveries to residential and at-home businesses typically cost more. Residential locations are located across the U.S., and avoiding them is sometimes impossible. The difference between a residential zone location and a commercially zoned location is that commercially zoned locations open and close to the public at a set time every day.

Residentially zoned locations can include any of the following:

  • Apartments
  • Residences
  • Farms
  • Estates
  • Remote locations
  • Home-based businesses

Avoid added residential shipping fees by noting the residential delivery location in advance when filling out your freight quote.

Limited Access Locations

What do airports, construction sites, government facilities, hospitals, and schools have in common? They’re all limited access locations! Like residential locations, limited access locations restrict trucks from entering. This can include: 

  • Secure areas, either gated or guarded.
  • Areas where there are no personnel available to help with pickup and delivery; no access to loading dock or platform. That means a liftgate accessorial will be required for pickup and delivery.
  • Areas that aren’t open to the public during normal business hours.
  • Need smaller trucks to complete delivery.

Some other limited access locations are hotels/motels, churches, mini-storage facilities, nursing homes, farms, and prisons. Even excess tree coverage can make a location limited access. If you aren’t sure if the area you’re shipping to is a limited access location, make sure to check with your freight agent beforehand.

Freight Shipping Partner for Special Requirements

FreightCenter is equipped to handle all types of specialized freight, like military shipments. FreightCenter has been in the freight shipping industry for over 20 years and utilizes a large network of reliable carriers with the most powerful TMS technology in the business to find personalized shipping solutions that match your loads and at affordable rates. Our latest SMS text tracking feature is fully integrated into our TMS, adding better freight visibility for our shippers.

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