Alabama to Pennsylvania freight shipping

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Alabama freight shipping

Alabama Freight Shipping Map

Alabama maintains and operates nineteen US highways. It also has over two hundred and fifty state highways. The US highways make up over three thousand eight hundred and two miles in the state. These highways are represented by a white shield on a black boarder. These are the top five longest Alabama US Highways,

US 31 Runs from Spanish Fort to Ardmore (three hundred and eighty-six miles)

US 241 Runs from Dothan to Fisk (three hundred and fifty-nine miles)

US 43 Runs from Prichard to Green Hill (three hundred and fifty miles)

US 431 Runs from Prichard to Fisk (three hundred and forty-one miles)

US 231 Runs from Florida State Line to Fisk (three hundred thirty miles)

 Alabama’s state highways are also referred to as state routes. These state routes will range from over three hundred and seventy-five miles to just one half a mile. Alabama’s highway system is crucial for transporting supplies throughout the state. Freight trucking carriers use these routes every day to service every county and city in the US. Use our freight quote to help you locate an available carrier and save money. Your results will allow you to choose from all available carriers servicing Alabama.

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Pennsylvania freight shipping

penn2Some main industries in the state include banking, agriculture, and gambling. As part of the busy northeastern part of the country, Pennsylvania freight shipping has a wide range of options. Pennsylvania is a northeastern state that is bordered by both the Great Lakes and the Delaware River. Inexpensive water transport is offered due to ample access to international ports and canals. There is a high volume of goods shifting out, in, and around the state, making LTL freight shipping rates inexpensive. Pennsylvania freight moves on several rail lines and highways. International airports increase the amount of shipping options in this very busy state, and low prices can be found year-round.