Alabama to West Virginia freight shipping

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Alabama freight shipping

Alabama Map

Alabama is a leading producer of forestry products. Forestry requires transporting a lot of trees to maintain it. An estimated two-thirds of the state is covered in forest land. Companies hold twenty-nine percent of these lands employing over one hundred thousand jobs. Shipping products from the forests and fields using our services will save you money. Alabama produces other commodities in the agriculture field. These are,

Poultry employs an estimated eighty thousand plus people

Cattle employs an estimated seven thousand jobs

Greenhouse employs over six thousand people

Soybean, Corn, and Wheat employs over ten thousand jobs

Cotton production employs over two thousand people

Peanut production employs over two thousand jobs


 Tons of feed and fertilizer are required to support the over forty-eight thousand farms in the state. Freight shipping is a cost-effective method of transporting all agricultural needs. We have built relationships with our many carriers. Our history of shipping with these carriers have qualified us for industry leading discounts. Finding you the best price and service is what we do. We have dedicated account reps for large accounts that ship often. Our agents can also assist anyone who would rather talk to a person. Agents will help meet and exceed your shipping needs. 

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West Virginia freight shipping

West Virginia mapTrucking can be difficult in the extremely mountainous areas, and West Virginia freight shipping prices mirror this difficulty. However, there is a broad highway system in the state. The lowlands consist of light cool winters and hot summers, while the higher elevations are inclined to large amounts of snow. West Virginia is a state located primarily in the Appalachian Mountains. LTL freight shipping can be hard to locate at an affordable price due to the low volume of goods traveling through the state. The foundation of the economy is the coal mining industry. The extensive railroad system formed as a result of the coal industry, and most West Virginia freight moves by rail.