Alaska to Georgia freight shipping

With the help of FreightCenter, freight shipping from Alaska to Georgia is easier than ever before. Begin booking your freight shipments in a couple of minutes while using our direct booking and quoting system which allows you to receive instant freight rates from the top shipping companies.  With our promised competitive freight rates, FreightCenter makes it inexpensive to ship freight from Alaska to Georgia via truckload, rail, intermodal, and LTL. 

Alaska freight shipping


Alaska has a top forty-nine list of companies with headquarters located within the state. Arctic Slope Regional Corporation and Bristol Bay Native Corporation are the top two employers. These top two employ over Eight thousand six hundred people. Alaska has many manufacturing and retail companies operating in throughout its vast acreage. Transporting goods into and out of the state is challenging due to many factors. Alaska exports an estimated five billion dollars of goods to foreign markets. Here is a list of the top companies that freight ship goods in Alaska.

Arctic Slope Regional Corp

Nana Regional Corp

Doyon Limited

Chugach Alaska Corporation

Hoth DBA ERA Alaska

Lynden Inc

Udelhoven Oilfield System Services Inc

Alaska Interstate Construction LLC

  Sealaska Corp is the oldest top forty-nine companies and employs over five hundred people. Shipping supplies and equipment in and out of Alaska is our specialty. Arctic Slope is the largest employer and revenue generator in the state. They operate in the energy sector. Arctic employs over four thousand people and are headquartered in Barrow. Our freight services will ship dry goods and inventories at discounted rates. LTL services or FTL services are handled daily by our fulltime support staff. We provide freight discounts that help large and small companies. Our goal is to save Alaskan companies money. This allows goods to stay competitive and profits to grow. We will service any location shipping from anywhere in the United States. 

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Georgia freight shipping

Georgia Freight Shipping MapGeorgia is a southern state on the Atlantic coast, with mountains in the north and coastal plains in the south. There is a large amount of agricultural production that makes Georgia shipping expensive and hard to find in the summer. However, low freight shipping prices can be found for goods trucked into Georgia during this season. The mild weather makes winter freight shipping a good option, either by rail or by truck. Because the state produces more goods than it consumes, Georgia freight can be expensive, particularly LTL freight rates. The Atlanta airport is one of the busiest in the world, so air freight shipping should be considered when researching options. To get the lowest Georgia freight shipping prices it is important to ship during the right time of year.