Alaska to Idaho freight shipping

Freight shipping is now easier when shipping from Alaska to Idaho with the help of FreightCenter. In just a few minutes, our easy to use booking and quoting process will enable you to attain immediate freight rates at the click of a button. We strive to find and provide you with our guaranteed competitive freight rates whether you ship freight by LTL, rail, truckload, or intermodal. 

Alaska freight shipping


Alaska consists of nineteen organized boroughs and one unorganized. It is one of only two states in the US that do not refer to areas as counties. Alaska has one hundred and forty-eight incorporated cities. The cities and towns cover less than 2.1% of the land mass.  Over one third of the population lives in Anchorage. Alaska defines its cities as a unified home rule municipalities, home rule cities, first class cities, and second class cities. Transporting products between cities is mostly done with freight trucking services. The state capital of Alaska is Juneau. A land route cannot reach Juneau.  The top ten cities by population in Alaska are.

Anchorage (over two hundred and ninety thousand people)

Juneau (over thirty-one thousand people)

Fairbanks (over thirty-one thousand people)

Sitka (over eight thousand people)

Ketchikan (over eight thousand people)

Kenai (over seven thousand people)

Kodiak (over six thousand people)

Bethel (over six thousand people)

Wasilla (over seven thousand people)

Palmer (over five thousand people)

 We arrange transported goods for all the cities in the state of Alaska. We will ship equipment and products between any size city or state. We schedule and arrange top carriers to transport products and supplies. Shipments arranged from residential or business to business locations are moved daily. White glove services and dock delivery options are available upon request. You will save money shipping freight to or from anywhere in Alaska.

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Idaho freight shipping

Idaho Freight Shipping MapThe state is an important agricultural producer in the United States and in addition to food, Idaho produces lumber, electronics and gemstones. Idaho is a large and mountainous state with the furthest inland seaport on the west coast. There are two different transcontinental railways passing through the state and Idaho freight is usually even less expensive when goods are traveling west. Thanks to the Lewistown Port, international shipping is an option. LTL freight shipping can be expensive due to the high volume of goods moving out of the state compared to the volume of goods moving in. The roads may be poorly maintained, but Idaho freight shipping is usually inexpensive due to the number of trucks moving through the state.