Alaska to Minnesota freight shipping

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Alaska freight shipping


Alaska is one of two states in the US that do not recognize counties. The state refers to its top tier subdivisions as boroughs. It has nineteen organized boroughs and one unorganized borough. The organized boroughs do not cover the entire land area of the state. All area not covered by the organized borough fall into the one unorganized borough. This area is then divided into ten census areas.  The top ten boroughs by population in Alaska are.

Municipality of Anchorage (over two hundred and ninety thousand people)

Fairbanks North Star Borough (over ninety-five thousand people)

Matanuska-Susitna Borough (over eighty-eight thousand people)

Unorganized Borough (over seventy-eight thousand people)

Kenai Peninsula Borough (over fifty-five thousand people)

City and Borough of Juneau (over thirty-one thousand people)

Kodiak Island Borough (over thirteen thousand people)

Ketchikan Gateway Borough (over thirteen thousand people)

North Slope Borough (over nine thousand people)

City and Borough of Sitka (over eight thousand people)

 We transport products from all the boroughs in the state of Alaska. Try our real-time freight calculator tool. It will provide actual costs and estimated delivery times. You can choose from any of the available carrier matches. We transport products and goods between any size county or state in the United States. 

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Minnesota freight shipping

Minnesota Freight Shipping MapThe clear majority of Minnesota is comprised of flat prairies, but there are forests in the northernmost regions. Minnesota is a northern Midwest state the borders the Great Lakes and Canada. The state produces lumber, agricultural products and a wide range of manufactured goods. The Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and St. Paul is the center of population and transportation. LTL freight shipping is particularly costly because of the absence of large volume moving through the state. Minnesota freight shipping is accomplished by an assortment of ways, including water transport, road and rail. Although the state has an active shipping system, Minnesota freight rates can be quite expensive due to the relative remoteness of the state.