Alaska to Montana freight shipping

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Alaska freight shipping


Alaska maintains and operates twelve US routes. Most routes are referred to as names rather than numbers. Many of the roads in Alaska have no numbers at all. Mileposts are more commonly used for markers.  Interstate and route shields are seldom posted along highways if at all. Highways may also be referred to by their general direction. These are the twelve official Alaskan Routes,

Alaskan Route 1 Runs from Tok to Homer

Alaskan Route 2 Runs from Canada to Manley Hot Springs

Alaskan Route 3 Runs from Glenn Highway to Fairbanks

Alaskan Route 4 Runs from Valdez to Delta Junction

Alaskan Route 5 Runs from Alaska Highway to Eagle

Alaskan Route 6 Runs from Fox to Circle

Alaskan Route 7 Runs from Haines to Canada

Alaskan Route 8 Runs from Paxson to Cantwell

Alaskan Route 9 Runs from Seward to Tern Lake Junction

Alaskan Route 10 Runs from Richardson Highway to Chitina

Alaskan Route 11 Runs from Elliot Highway to Deadhorse

Alaskan Route 98 Runs from Skagway to Canada

 The only access to Alaska from the lower forty-eight states is from the Alaskan Highway. This highway is also known as the Alcan. It starts in Dawson Creek, British Columbia and ends in Delta Junction, Alaska. It is over one thousand five hundred miles long. Freight trucking carriers use this route every day to service Alaska from the rest of the US and Canada. 

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Montana freight shipping

Montana Freight Shipping MapMontana freight shipping can be somewhat more expensive due to the relative remoteness of many areas, but the state industries ensure a volume of goods traveling through the state. Montana has well-maintained roads and important railroad lines moving through the state. While a portion of the state incorporates open plains, a large amount consists of mountain ranges. The state has a thriving mining, lumber and agriculture industries. Montana is a large northern state with a very low population density. LTL freight rates can be costly and the least expensive Montana freight rates can be found in areas close to the rail lines.