Alaska to New Hampshire freight shipping

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Alaska freight shipping


Alaska’s largest industry is petroleum. The petroleum sector in Alaska accounts for almost one third of all jobs. The largest oil field in North America is Prudhoe Bay. The oil field is located in northern Alaska on the Arctic Ocean coast. Other major industries are fishing, mining, and timber. Three different oceans border the state. The three oceans are the Arctic, the Pacific, and the Bering Sea.  There is over thirty-four thousand miles of coastline. Over four billion pounds of fish and shellfish are harvested annually. Alaska mines for gold, silver, coal, copper, lead, and zinc. An estimated eight thousand direct and indirect jobs are employed in the mining industry. The timber industry in Alaska produces unfinished wood products less than four inches thick. The state has over one hundred and twenty-nine million acres of forest land. The forestry industry is directly and indirectly employing over four hundred and fifty people. Tourism is a large part of Alaska’s economy. It boasts the Land of the Midnight Sun as a top vacation destination. This spot is the second largest private employer in the state. Almost two million people a year come to see the mountains, glaciers, and wildlife. Shipping goods in and out of Alaska is challenging and has limitations. We have experience transporting freight using the top carriers available. We offer some of the best discounted freight rates possible servicing all areas of the state. Our services allow you to compare rates from all available carriers. These carriers are transporting all industrial goods every day in Alaska.

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New Hampshire freight shipping

New Hampshire Freight Shipping MapNew Hampshire is a small state in the northern segment of the Atlantic coast. Like many northeast states, the region contains a high volume of goods moving through it, making New Hampshire freight rates very inexpensive. Because of the high volume of goods traveling through the state, LTL freight shipping can be found for very low prices. The seaports allow for affordable water shipping and international shipping options. The state has a flourishing economy and a well-kept network of busy seaports, railroads, highways, airports. Although the state is small, there are various railroad lines running through the state in all directions, making New Hampshire shipping by rail a very cheap option