Alaska to Virginia freight shipping

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Alaska freight shipping


Alaska has over ninety thousand jobs supported by international trading.  Over eighty percent of the world’s purchasing power is outside the United States. Over six billion dollars a year is exported out of the state. It is estimated that one in five jobs in Alaska depend on international trade. Imports for the state help decrease prices for goods and services. Since 2003 importing goods has helped decrease the cost of items like televisions. Computers has also decreased by over seventy percent in cost. Saving like this not only keep prices down, the raise choices on the goods and services. A family of four will save over ten thousand dollars a year due to import trading. Alaska has over fourteen thousand jobs supported by foreign owned companies. Here is a list of some of the top companies owned by other countries in Alaska,

Acuren Group (Canadian Company Specializing in Inspecting and Testing)

Arcadis US Inc (Netherlands Company Specializing in Engineering)

ASC Profiles (Australian Company Specializing in Steel Products)

Intertek Testing (UK Company Specializing in Testing and Inspection)

Peter Pan Seafoods (Japan Company Specializing in Food Manufacturing)

Reposol E&P USA (Spanish Company Specializing in OIL & Gas Exploration)

Wipro Technologies (India Company Specializing in IT Services)

 Transportation costs are essential to all imports and exports. We help large and small companies save money shipping goods throughout Alaska. Try our online services to see what we can offer.

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Virginia freight shipping

Virginia Freight Shipping MapVirginia freight is most affordable by rail as the major seaport at the Virginia Port of Authority connects to the railway system. Shipping prices increase significantly in more remote areas which leads to affordable LTL freight rates near the population centers. The eastern section of the state is largely flat, while the western half has numerous mountain ranges including the Cumberland Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains. Virginia has a growing agricultural sector, as well as an expansive business sector. Four international airports and a busy seaport make international freight shipping affordable on the coast. Virginia is situated in the focal point of the Atlantic coast. Trucking can be troublesome in the rough western half of the state, making most rural Virginia shipping quite costly.