Arizona to Alaska freight shipping

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International trading supports over seven hundred and seventy thousand jobs in Arizona. This number accounts for almost twenty-two percent of the state's total jobs. By two thousand and thirteen over seven thousand four hundred companies export goods. Arizona exports over twenty-two billion dollars worth of goods annually. The stat's largest consumer of goods is Mexico by far. Canada, China, and the UK also import a lot of Arizona products. Computers and electronic products make up almost twenty-five percent of the state's exports. Transportation equipment, minerals and ores, and electrical equipment are also top exported goods. The following are foreign-owned companies that employ workers in Arizona

Adecco Staffing (Switzerland company specializing in employment services)

Alt Software (Canadian company specializing in computer software services)

Bull Moose Tube Company (UK company specializing in metal products)

Cemex (Mexico company specializing in construction materials manufacturing)

CGI Group (Canada company specializing in business services)

Finetech Inc (German company specializing in industrial equipment manufacturing)

Fujifilm Electronic Materials (Japan company specializing in electronic components manufacturing)

Gerdeau Reinforcing Steel West (Brazil company specializing in steel manufacturing)

Great West Bank (Australian company specializing in banking services)

Harrington Industrial Plastics (Belgium company specializing in plastic products manufacturing)

Siemens (German company specializing in electrical equipment manufacturing)

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Alaska freight shipping

Alaska Freight Shipping MapThe atmosphere in this state is relatively remote as the state requires some special freight shipping solutions. Various streets often used by freight trucks are seasonal as Alaska is separated from the entire United States by about 500 miles. Because of that factor, Alaska freight shipping via ocean and air become vital options for consideration. Although shipping out of the state is normally associated with lower prices than shipping into the state, LTL prices are often higher than air shipping for the same weight. Near the western areas, low prices for Alaska freight shipping may be hard to discover.