Arizona to Nevada freight shipping

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There are eleven US highways in Arizona. The longest of these highways is US 191 running over three hundred and ninety-six miles. The shortest is US highway 160 that is under a seven mile stretch. Arizona categorizes its highways by Interstates, US Highways or US Routes, and State Routes. Arizona's US Highways make up over two thousand miles of roads. The following list is the current US highways maintained in the state.

US 191 three hundred ninety-six miles running from Douglas to Utah

US 60 three hundred fifty-five miles running from Brenda to New Mexico

US 89A one hundred seventy-eight miles running from Flagstaff to Utah

US 93 one hundred seventy-six miles running from Wickenburg to Nevada

US 180 one hundred sixty-four miles running from Grand Canyon National Park to New Mexico

US 160 one hundred fifty-nine miles running from Tuba City to New Mexico

US 89 one hundred thirty-six miles running from Flagstaff to Utah

US 70 one hundred twenty-two miles running from Globe to New Mexico

US 95 one hundred and four miles running from San Luis to California

US 163 twenty-three miles running from Navajo County to Utah

US 64 six miles running from Teec Nos Pos to New Mexico

 Freight logistic services daily use Arizona’s highway system. The highways allow direct and rapid transportations of goods between major cities and states.

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Nevada freight shipping

Nevada Freight Shipping MapNevada is a large, arid state made up of flat desert basins and high mountain ranges. The state was originally founded on a mining industry, although the tourist and ranching industries have since become the largest source of income for the state. Las Vegas is the population center of the state, so Nevada shipping rates have the best prices when shipping to and from this location. Las Vegas is a very high-consumption area due to the tourist industry, so freight shipping out of this area is the cheapest option for Nevada freight. LTL freight rates are also affordable in this area, but prices increase further from population centers. Rail shipping is an affordable option in some parts of the state.