Arkansas to Kansas freight shipping

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Arkansas became the twenty-fifth state in the United States. It has a population of over three million people. The capital of Arkansas is Little Rock located on the Arkansas river. It is centrally located with interstate access and is a major freight hub. The elevation of the state can vary greatly from sea level to over twenty-seven hundred feet. The only place in the US that has an active diamond mine is Arkansas. It has many natural resources including petroleum, natural gas, and coal. The state is the twenty-ninth largest state in the union. It is the thirty-third largest by population. There are eight cities with populations that exceed fifty-thousand. Arkansas is one of the most affordable states to live in. It is also known as “The Natural State” partly due to its fifty -two state parks. The economy has changed over the years to evolve and diversify. It produces many agricultural outputs ranging from poultry to milk. The state is the second largest producer of broiler chickens in the US. The forestry industry uses the Arkansas Timberlands. Paper products and timber products produced are transported daily. This allows for a significant revenue stream for the state. Automobile parts manufacturers have been opening factories to support auto plants in neighboring states. There are many general products made in Arkansas from pontoon boats to speakers.

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Kansas freight shipping

Kansas Freight Shipping MapKansas is a wide and flat state with hills and forests on the eastern edge, and the second largest highway system in the country. Agriculture is a major industry, and most Kansas freight shipping moves by truck and by rail. There are some rural areas in the state, but there are also several major hubs for transportation. Because the state is located in the center of the United States, most Kansas freight shipping rates are quite affordable. The state produces grain crops and meats, but low freight shipping prices can be found year round. Air shipping is best accomplished by first moving goods out of the state.