Arkansas to North Dakota freight shipping

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Arkansas freight shipping

Arkansas Freight Shipping Map

Arkansas's leading industry is agriculture. Cotton used to lead the state's top product produced. Rice is now the leading agricultural product producing almost half of all the supplies in the US. The second largest industry in Arkansas is transportation and logistics. There are over twenty-two major trucking companies in the state. Food manufacturing comes in strong for the third highest industry. This industry employs almost one third of all manufacturing jobs in the state. Twenty-five thousand people are employed in the industry of paper and timber products. Timber products make up the fourth leading state industry. Arizona is a top four producers in the United States for timber products. Aerospace lands in the top five industries for the state. It employs over ten thousand people and exports aircraft related parts and services. With the state being centrally located, commercial shipping dominates. Little Rock is a major transportation center especially in the south. Global markets are accessible with due to the Arkansas river. There are many rail routes that server over five thousand rail cars annually. There are foreign trade zones established for trading goods and products. And more than sixty motor carriers service the rest of the nation on a daily basis. Ten major cities are within a one day transport from Arkansas. Moving goods in and around the state is a highly competitive business. Using FreightCenter's free online freight quote will help you find the best carrier. The results will compare available freight trucking companies and show you real time pricing.

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North Dakota freight shipping

North Dakota Freight Shipping MapNorth Dakota is a northern Great Plains state that shares a border with Canada. The area is primarily agricultural, with a mining and drilling industry. Population density is low, so North Dakota shipping is very low-volume. However, flat roads and low demand for freight trucking allows freight shipping to remain affordable. North Dakota freight also moves by rail in some areas, though prices increase further from the population centers. LTL freight rates are usually fairly high due to the low volume of goods moving through the state. Freight shipping prices will be highest in the most rural areas, while prices will decrease closest to the busiest metro areas.