Arkansas to Ohio freight shipping

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Arkansas ranks in the top twenty-five states for mining businesses. The state employs over thirty-five hundred jobs in this sector. Many businesses benefit supporting the mining operations. They provide much needed supplies like fuel, equipment, lubricants and mining machinery. Many minerals are produced in Arkansas. Bromine brine, crushed stone, cement, and sand/gravel make up over ninety percent value mined. Arkansas has the only open to the public diamond mining operation in the world. It is in the Crater of Diamonds State Park. The state has production in bromine, quartz crystal, silica stone, Tripoli, and crude gypsum. Three fossil fuels are produced. They are natural gas, oil, and coal. The state has a good amount of lignite that has yet to be extracted. There are many active mines in Arkansas. Here is a list of a few including location and production

Acme Brick Co located in Fort Smith producing clay and shale

B&C Abrasives Inc located in Hotsprings producing silica

Coleman's Crystal Mines located in Garland producing gemstones

Edwards Bros Inc located in Izard producing crushed stone

Great Lakes Chemical Corp located in Union producing bromine

Limestone Specialties Inc located in Independence producing crushed stone

McBride Stone Co Inc located in Independence producing dimension stone

Rhone-Poulenc Basic Chem Co located in Pulaski producing kaolin

Sun Gro Horticulture Inc located in Jefferson producing vermiculite

Mining operations require lots of materials and equipment to be constantly transported. Our services will help you locate the best transportation methods and pricing. We will provide choices for available carriers shipping all mining supplies and machines.

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Ohio freight shipping

ohio2Ohio is a Midwestern state that borders the Great Lakes and the Ohio River. Most of the state consists of flat plains which are largely devoted to agriculture. Ohio has a thriving business climate and a busy economy. Due to the lakeside location, Ohio freight often moves by river or canal as well as through several busy seaports. Ohio freight shipping is also frequently done by rail. The state has a very high volume of goods moving both in, out, and through the many roads and railroads, making LTL freight shipping very affordable. Ohio shipping rates are very affordable year-round due to the heavy industrial areas and amount of manufacturing done in the state.