Arkansas to South Dakota freight shipping

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Arkansas leading industry is agriculture. The state has more than forty-four thousand ranches and farms spread across the land. Almost twenty-five percent of all the state's economy is generated from this arena. There are over sixty-eight thousand farmers in the field. They specialize in many commodities of crops and livestock. Arkansas ranks in the top twenty-five of twenty-three different agricultural products. Their top agricultural products are

Poultry and Eggs


Oil Crops

Food Grains





Feed Grains

 Ranches and farm supporting these commodities need a lot of man power. They also use lots of equipment and machinery to maintain the land and crops. Hauling and storing is a vital part of ranching and farming. Transporting feed and seeds from distribution is an expense against every farmer's bottom line. At FreightCenter, we provide you choices on shipping products from farm to food manufacturing. Our services allow you to compare shipping rates from many of today's top carriers. These carriers can transport anything from a new tractor or livestock. Saving you money shipping freight will help your ranch or farms grow. Our experienced sales agents are available to find freight saving solutions. They will assist with all your specific needs. Use our online freight quote tool to locate current pricing. Our results provide real time pricing on most available freight carriers in Arkansas.

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South Dakota freight shipping

South Dakota Freight Shipping MapSouth Dakota is a Great Plains state in the northern part of the country. Agriculture plays a major role in the state, as well as tourism to major destinations including Mount Rushmore. The state has extensive rail lines and highways, although harsh winters can make South Dakota freight shipping difficult in some areas. Overall there is a very low volume of goods moving through the state, making South Dakota freight rates quite expensive in the more rural areas. The lowest freight rates can be found near the population centers and railroads. This low volume also makes LTL shipping quite expensive in South Dakota.