Arkansas to Wisconsin freight shipping

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There are twenty US bannered routes in Arkansas. The highway markers for such routes are identified by a sign with a white shield and the route number.  The US routes were first formed in nineteen twenty-six in Arkansas. The first of these such roads was US 49. Some of these routes are designated business routes. They are identified with the letter B behind the route number. Here is the list of all current US routes in use in Arkansas,

US Route 49 runs from Mississippi to Piggott

US Route 59 runs from Texarkana to Acorn

US Route 61 runs from Tennessee to Blytheville

US Route 62 runs from Oklahoma to Missouri

US Route 63 runs from Louisiana to Missouri

US Route 64 runs from Oklahoma to Tennessee

US Route 65 runs from Louisiana to Missouri

US Route 67 runs from Texas to Missouri

US Route 70 runs from Oklahoma to Tennessee

US Route 71 runs from Louisiana to Missouri

US Route 79 runs from Louisiana to Tennessee

US Route 82 runs from Texas to Mississippi

US Route 165 runs from Louisiana to North Little Rock

US Route 167 runs from Louisiana to Ash Flat

US Route 270 runs from Oklahoma to White Hall

US Route 271 runs from Oklahoma to Fort Smith

US Route 278 Runs from Wickes to Mississippi

US Route 371 runs from Louisiana to De Queen

US Route 412 runs from Oklahoma to Missouri

US Route 425 runs from Louisiana to Pine Bluff

Arkansas's US Highway system is used daily from all freight transportation. Top US carriers commute over these routes carrying goods from all over the world. Our services help you find to best service and rates.

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Wisconsin freight shipping

Wisconsin Freight Shipping MapWisconsin is a Midwestern state located on the Great Lakes. A large part of the state is made up of flat plains, and agriculture is an important part of the economy. Dairy products are an especially important part of Wisconsin's economy and culture. Wisconsin has a low population density and therefore a low volume of goods moving through the state. Wisconsin freight shipping can be found for the best prices in the more industrial areas. More remote areas will have higher prices, and freight shipping may be hard to find. Wisconsin freight also moves by rail and by water over the great lakes, but demand for shipping is fairly low. LTL freight is least expensive in the industrial centers.