California to Alabama freight shipping

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California freight shipping

california freight shipping mapDue to the various factors involved in the state's commerce the cost of freight shipping in California can vary dramatically, but LTL and truckload shipping often have quite low prices simply because of the amount of merchandise moving through the state. California freight is both extremely high volume and fast. California shipping is extremely busy in this state with numerous import and export channels. The major cities often have severe traffic issues which may delay trucking in and out of these centers. Also, California has two large international air travel hubs. The state is well-supplied with highways, railways, and international ports in both Los Angeles and San Francisco and an international border shared with Mexico. Although the geography is very diverse with plains, mountains, and deserts, the climate is quite mellow in most this state. 

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Alabama freight shipping

Alabama Map

California produces a larger variety of mined products than any other state in the US. The top product mined in the state is oil. Every ounce of boron mine in the US is done in California. The state is the leading producer of sand and gravel, diatomite, sodium compounds, and tungsten. Originally the state was one of the first to be a gold rush state. Although it still produces gold, it is surpassed by many other minerals and ores. There are still over three thousand mines in California today. Here is a list of some of the active miones and what they produce,

A-1 Grit Co located in San Bernardino produces sand and gravel

American Borate Co located in Inyo produces boron

Bed Rock Inc located in Mendocino produces crushed stone

Benitoite Mining Inc located in San Benito produces gemstones

CA Lightweight Pumice Inc located in Inyo produces pumice

Elementis Specialties Inc located in San Bernardino produces bentonite

Glamis Rand Mining Co located in Kern produces Silver

IMC Chemicals Inc located in San Bernardino produces soda ash

Mitsubishi Cement Co located in San Bernardino produces cement

Nestle Purina Petcare Co located in Kern produces fullers earth

Spreckels Sugar Co located in Fresno produces lime

California mining operations use lots of equipment that needs to be shipped frequently. Our freight services will match top rated US carriers to your specific needs. We handle all freight of any size. We can ship city to city in California or anywhere in the world.