California to Delaware freight shipping

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California freight shipping

California Freight Shipping Map

There are six Primary Interstates and nineteen Auxiliary Interstates in California. The Routes are identified by a sign shaped as a shield. The shield is red on top and blue for eighty percent of the bottom. The state’s name and route number is on the sign as well. These are the six Primary Interstates,

Interstate 5 or I-5 is over seven hundred and ninety-six miles long and runs from San Diego to Oregon

Interstate 8 or I-8 is one hundred and seventy-one miles long and runs from San Diego to Arizona

Interstate 10 or I-10 is two hundred forty-three miles long and runs from Santa Monica to Arizona

Interstate 15 or I-15 is two hundred and eighty-seven miles long and runs from San Diego to Nevada

Interstate 40 or I-40 is one hundred fifty-four miles long and runs from Barstow to Arizona

Interstate 80 or I-80 is two hundred and five miles long and runs from San Francisco to Nevada

 The Auxiliary Interstates in California are all less than eighty miles long. The longest is Interstate 580 or I580 at seventy-five and a half miles long. It runs from San Rafael to Tracy. The shortest auxiliary is Interstate 380 or I-380 at just over a mile and a half. It connects San Bruno to South San Francisco. Federal and state monies are used to maintain US Interstates. These roads are important to the US economy for transporting goods and supplies efficiently between states. Freight logistic services use these routes daily. These interstates support everything in California from food to medicines and more.

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Delaware freight shipping

Delaware Freight Shipping MapThis small state is in the mid-Atlantic coastline as it contains well maintained streets and has a mellow climate. Delaware produces a large portion of industrial and agricultural merchandise, despite being a smaller state. When goods are coming into the state rather than leaving, Delaware freight shipping can often be at low prices. The great amount of volume ensures low LTL shipping prices, which makes Delaware quite busy. In the state itself, there is no major airport, however there are important freight ports that allow for a number of options.