California to Iowa freight shipping

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California freight shipping

California Freight Shipping Map

California has the biggest economy of any other state in the US. The largest manufacturing industry is in California as well. Here are five of the top preforming industries in the state,


Financial Activities generates almost one fifth of the state’s domestic product. It handles real estate transactions in both residential and commercial. Consumer banking helps employ almost six percent of the private workforce.


Leisure and Hospitality contributes to four percent of the gross state product. Everything from tourism and full service restaurants thrive from the growing disposable incomes. Nearly thirteen percent of the private workforce is employed in this sector.


Retail Trade employs just over twelve percent of the private workforce. Grocery Stares, general merchandise stores, and motor vehicles lead the categories on this industry. Six percent of the gross state product is attributed to retail trade.


Professional and Business Services is California’s largest industry employing eighteen percent of the private workforce. It contributes thirteen percent of the state’s gross product. The largest subcategories in this industry include computer systems, scientific consulting, and technical consulting.


Educational and Health Services is also a leading industry in California. It represents over six percent of the state’s gross product. It employs just under eighteen percent of the private workforce. Subcategories include physician offices, surgical hospitals, and outpatient care centers.


 Industries rely heavily on supplies and materials to support their business. Freight costs are changing every second of every day. We offer a simple solution for all California freight services. Our solution is a real time freight comparison tool that provides many rates from top US carriers.

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Iowa freight shipping

Iowa Freight Shipping MapFreight shipping in, out, and through the state is very busy as Iowa has many different industries. Harsh weather and freezing winters do not directly affect freight trucking in this state, which make affordable low freight shipping rates in Iowa. Iowa is a primarily agricultural state with rolling hills and prairie lands. Plenty of traffic by road, rail, air, and water means that LTL freight can travel for very low prices the state allows for plenty of freight to be shipped via ocean as it borders the Missouri River, the Big Sioux River, and the Mississippi River. Freight shipping is usually very inexpensive due to high amount of merchandise Iowa manufactures.