California to New Hampshire freight shipping

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California freight shipping

California Freight Shipping Map

California has seven US Routes that are currently used today. There are fourteen removed US routes no longer in service. The Routes are identified by a white shield with a number in the middle. These are the seven active routes including their estimated mileage,

US 6 forty miles running from Bishop to Nevada

US 50 one hundred and eight miles running from West Sacramento to Nevada

US 95 one hundred sixteen miles running from Arizona to Nevada

US 97 fifty-four miles running from Weed to Oregon

US 101 eight hundred and eight miles running from Los Angeles to Oregon

US 199 thirty-six miles running from Crescent City to Oregon

US 395 five hundred fifty-five miles running from Hesperia to Oregon

 California has over one hundred state routes covering thousands of miles. The state routes are identified by a shield in the shape of a miner’s spade. The sign will have a number in the middle and honors the gold rush. The longest State Route is SR 1 at over six hundred and fifty miles in length. It runs from Dana Point to Leggett. The shortest State Route is SR77 at just over one half mile. It runs between I-880 in Oakland to SR 185 in Oakland. Freight services rely on these state routes to transport goods. National and state highway systems allow for fast transportation of much needed supplies. US routes connect virtually every major city in California to the state and the nation. 

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New Hampshire freight shipping

New Hampshire Freight Shipping MapNew Hampshire is a small state located on the Northern coast. The state has a flourishing economy and a well-maintained system of rail lines, roadways, airplane terminals, and bustling seaports. In the same way as other upper east coast states, the high volume of products traveling through New Hampshire lead to extremely low freight rates. Busy seaports keep waterway shipping costs low, even for international destinations. Despite the state's small size, various railroad lines are available throughout the state, making New Hampshire rail transportation a less costly alternative. Due to the large amounts of products traveling through the state, LTL freight transportation can be found at extremely low costs.