California to South Carolina freight shipping

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Manufacturing in California accounts for over ten percent of the state’s gross product. It employs over eight percent of the workforce. Over two hundred billion dollar annually is produce. Thirty-six thousand plus firms employ over one million two hundred thousand people. The largest sectors in the state’s manufacturing are as follows,

Computers and Electronic products

Chemical products

Petroleum and coal products

Food, Beverage, and Tobacco products

Miscellaneous manufacturing

Aerospace and other Transportation

Fabricated Metal products


Plastic and Rubber products

Electrical Equipment and Appliances

 There are more manufacturing companies in California than any other state in the US. Silicon Valley is a leading location for technology and electronic development. Los Angeles contains over forty-five percent of the entire states factories. Most of the state’s recent growth in manufacturing is in small scale food processing. These processing centers cater to California crops. Sauces, ethic foods and jams are a few of the latest food products being produced. The automation of manufacturing jobs has been increasing each year. Machinery and robots are being maintained and supported on production lines. Automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, textiles, and apparel have experienced a loss in jobs. This has been more substantial in the last few years. Saving on freight costs shipping to and from California helps keep a competitive edge. Try our services for you next city to city or state to state shipment. 

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South Carolina freight shipping

South Carolina Freight Shipping MapSouth Carolina is a southern state located on the Atlantic coast. The state's terrain mainly consists of coastal plains and mountain ranges. Agriculture and industrial manufacturing are the two biggest industries in the region, leading to a thriving economy throughout the state. There are numerous rail lines operating throughout South Carolina, but freight rates tend to increase closer to more rural areas. International airports allow for accessible air freight shipping, and seaports on the Atlantic coast allow for various international shipping options. Moving freight into South Carolina is usually less expensive than moving freight out, especially in the colder winter months. LTL freight shipping is found for the lowest prices near more populated centers. The steady stream of South Carolina freight moving year-round leads to low shipping prices.