Colorado to Alaska freight shipping

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Colorado freight shipping

Colorado Freight Shipping Map

Colorado businesses export over eight billion dollars annually. International trade agreements support over seven hundred and thirty thousand jobs in the state. This accounts for almost one in five jobs. Over five thousand five hundred companies export goods from the state. Eighty-five thousand people plus are employed by foreign owned companies. The largest consumes of Colorado's exports are Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, and Malaysia. Some of the biggest products exported from the state are,

Computers and Electronic products at over five hundred and fifty million dollars a year

Medical Instruments at over three hundred and eighty million per year

Fresh Beef at over three hundred and seventy million a year

Frozen Beef at over three hundred million a year.

Raw Hides of Cattle and Horses at over one hundred ninety million a year

Flow Measurement and Level Instruments at over one hundred and eighty-five million per year

  Some of the largest metro areas in the state exporting goods are Denver, Greeley, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and Pueblo. Transporting export goods and products via freight services is costly. We work with small and medium companies to save money on logistic services. Dedicated sales agents are available for large companies or volume shippers. Companies looking to maximize freight cost savings should contact us immediately.

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Alaska freight shipping

Alaska Freight Shipping MapAlaska is a large and relatively remote area that may require some unique freight shipping solutions. Alaska is separated from the rest of the continental United States by approximately 500 miles, and some of the roads typically used by freight trucks are seasonal. Several regions are not accessible by road, making Alaska shipping by air and sea important options to consider. Although shipping out of the state is normally associated with lower prices than shipping into the state, LTL prices are often higher than air shipping for the same weight. Low prices on Alaska freight shipping into the western regions can be difficult to find.